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Put The Sepia On In The Cyperpunk Wasteland Of The City, A Lonely Detective Is Hired To Find A Beautiful Young Girl S Missing Brother Things Never Being As Simple As They Seem, It Doesn T Take Long Before He Finds Himself Caught Between The Sterile, Merciless Corporation That Rules The City And The Ferocious Mutants Known Only As The Dogs

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    Put the Sepia On is a brilliant piece of work that is a cross between Philip Marlowe and Mad Max The author purposefully has combined parts of hardboiled fiction with a desolate future world such as in Mad Max and created a novellete that is simply a

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    An enjoyable read To be honest I read the book because I liked the cover and I like Sin City and Frank Miller which the cover reminded me of Good points there is some great one liners in here, proper crime noir Negative points its just too short, it seems like

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    Only an author as self assured as Feldman would be the first person to write a Goodreads review of his own book The story, however, doesn t disappoint It s dark, violent and slathered with tongue in cheek wit that makes it a really fun read for those who enjoy the darke

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    I thought I would like this bookthan I didI really couldn t get into the plot of the story The writer seemed to be trying to emulate the old hard boiled detective style of the 1940 s and went overboard Don t think I would have finished it if it had been much longer.

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    I wrote the damned thing, so I think it s pretty ok.

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