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Provoked (Dark Protectors, #5) A TIME FOR WAR A Casualty Of The War Between The Demons And The Vampires, Jase Kayrs Has Been Missing For Six Long Years His Older Brothers Want Answers But They Re Going To Have To Get Them From An Unlikely Source For When Kane Kayrs Tracks Down Amber Freebird, What He Finds Is A Blonde, Vegan Pacifist Who Has No Intention Of Using Her Skills In His War A TIME FOR LOVE Amber Enjoys Her Life Of Chaotic Freedom And Has No Intention Of Falling In Line Just Because A Sexy As Sin Vampire Insists On Order Unfortunately, He Discovers She May Be The Only Hope They Have Of Finding His Brother, And There S No Way He S Going To Let Her Go Even If It Means Mating Her To Gain Her Cooperation The Two Are As Different As Can Be, Yet When The Dominant Kane And The Untamed Amber Finally Unite To Rescue Jase, They Just May Find That Opposites Really Do Attract

About the Author: Rebecca Zanetti

New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author Rebecca Zanetti has worked as an art curator, Senate aide, lawyer, college professor, and a hearing examiner only to culminate it all in stories about Alpha males and the women who claim them She writes dark paranormals, romantic suspense, and sexy contemporary romances.

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    5 Odd Couple stars SpoilersFirst read Dec 21 2014Reread Nov 27th 2016Rereread 2 15 2018 As a race, we re rather protective of females Sometimes too much so My sisters in law would never be allowed to work alone in a bar just

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    The smartest vampire in the world meets the vegan, pacifist demon destroyer Provoked focuseson the Demon nation.Since the previous book, Jase is held captive and is tortured by demons forthan 4 years Kayrs brothers are doing everythin

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    Each of the books in this series just keeps getting better Of course, most times that is due to simply getting to know the charactersHowever, I fell in love with Provoked because of the lighthearted banter and the fact that the hero and heroin

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    Re read3rd person from H pov was needed I wantedunderstanding of H s feelings about h I knew the emotions were there I wantedinsight RZ does this a lot in her other books Kane Amber s storyI really liked this Good amount of action romance Book is told

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    4 1 2 Opposites attract Stars Loved it I loved logical Kane and pacifist, fate and feelings believing Amber Their story is very good But what really held my attention and kept me on edge was Jase s situation Jase had me worried about him the entire book And als

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    I am such a HUGE fan of the Dark Protectors series From the very first book, Fated, this series has held me captive with the intelligent, entertaining writing and the interesting characters I wait non to patiently for each new release Provoked did so not disappoint With

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    I was gone over the past weekend, and had a lot of plane hotel time, but didn t bring my computer I know, I know so no reviews right after the fact cuz it s just way too difficult to do one on the phone I m telling you this because I ve read several of the books from this series

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    Kane Amber s story Fun, fast paced PNR series Great storyline, characters and suspense Insta love, mates for life, possessive Alphas and grotesque evil foes There are Vampires, Shifters, witches, Demons andThis is a continued storyline focusing on a different couple per book.I really lov

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    Review Provoked Summary Amber is content with her quiet and sane life, living with her grandmother, and taking care of their land, and being pro earth But when her grandmother gets injured in an accident, she finds a job as a waitress to pay for medical bills, and a man walks in and watches her f

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    5 His hold was unbreakable, his face unreadable, and his heart untouchable Stars.Kane Kayrs has been mysterious in the fact that Rebecca Zanetti, has not really given us much of an insight into him in the previous Dark Protectors books The highly intelligent scientist is a bit of a loner, with a penchant

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