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Primal Leadership National Bestseller Now Available In Paperback.Drawing From Decades Of Research Within World Class Organizations, The Authors Show That Great Leaders Excel Not Just Through Skill And Smarts, But By Connecting With Others Using Emotional Intelligence Competencies Like Empathy And Self Awareness The Best Leaders, They Show, Have Resonance A Powerful Ability To Drive Emotions In A Positive Direction To Get Results And Can Fluidly Interchange Among A Variety Of Leadership Styles As The Situation Demands Groundbreaking And Timely, This Book Reveals The New Requirements Of Successful Leadership.

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    This book was helpful to me, it had good advice and helped me clarify some thoughts and feelings I ve been having around leadership that I had not previously been able to articulate Goleman argues that one of the most important jobs of a leader is to regulate the emot

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    There are many books on the market these days describing leadership skills, but I thought this one had some particularly good insights It places less emphasis on values like intelligence, vision, and strategy andon emotional intelligence enthusiasm, empathy, relationship manage

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    This is one of the better books on leadership development that I ve read The content is definitely 5 stars but since the writing style is academic, it s not the most fun reading It would be great for a class or an executive coaching program Imagine what a writer like Malcolm Gladwell cou

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    Class assignment I created a blog for this book at that contains videos form the authors and other reviews about this book According to the book PRIMAL LEADERSHIP REALIZING THE POWER OF EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE by Daniel Goleman, Richard Boyatzis, and Annie McKee, it takes emotional intelligence EI

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    I read this book on the recommendation of a mentor As a church leader, I realize I m just dipping my toe into the vast sea of business leadership literature with this book Still, the relevance of this book for congregational leadership is immediately obvious The authors propose that emotions matter enormous

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    I DIDN T FINISH THIS.I got through about 36 40% and had to stop My god is it redundant I probably absorbed a little, but nothing I couldn t have learned in a 1 5 page summary of the book and I took extensive notes In the end the absolutely terrible writing distracted me far too much from any real learning.This book w

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    I am of two minds with this book On the one hand, there are some useful leadership frameworks and exercises, specifically 1 The 4 domains of EI leadership and 18 competencies2 The 6 styles of leadership and when to use them 3 5 Discoveries in learning EI leadership4 Basically all of chapter 7 imagining your ideal self and asso

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    Daniel Goolman is a psychologist who has researched and written extensively on the topic of emotional intelligence His first book aptly titled Emotional Intelligence was written in 1995 and is widely regarded as a pioneering work in the field This book quickly became a bestseller and the material has been extensively used and quoted in

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    N o terminado aprox 50% Tema relevante mas o autor repete se demasiado e apesar de abordar diferentes subtemas volta sempre as mesmas conclus es e parece que andamos sempre a ler o mesmo, da n o ter terminado o livro De qualquer das formas do que li, achei bastante interessante.

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    This book gets full marks in my opinion, but I would mention that it is not for everyone This book is idea if you 1 already have worked in a few organizations enough to experience a variety of leadership styles 2 you have attempted and both failed and succeeded in some area of leadership This book is then perfect and provides great examples on how to move

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