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பூக்குழி [Pookuzhi] In Pyre, Perumal Murugan talks about the brutal side of castes in TN It won t be a literary masterpiece, but it is truthful depiction of reality. The I read books by this man, the I am enad.He writes brilliantly and this book is no exception.Taking simple and real characters, the author has woven a beautiful story while bringing out the evil s of caste system in our society My heart went out to Saroja.I will read this book again. . It was right after I finished reading Mathorupagan One part woman , I came across this book Pyre which is the translated version of another famous work Pookuli by Perumal Murugan I decided to get it right away but all I could found was its translated version in stores Thanks to Chennai book fair 17, a great platform which promoted so many Tamil works, I got this book in there In fact, there was an opportunity to interact with the author arranged by Publishers only I couldn t make to it Started reading it right away Of course the book is bit outdated We don t see any opposition to these kind of inter caste marriages nowadays as portrayed in this book Still whatever described in the events are not unimaginable.The reading was quite heavy Unlike Mathorupagan where the author let me enjoy the prose just as I appreciated the story, this one submerged me with sadness, that is not explainable with words Majorly deals with three characters, Kumeresan, an innocent man who tries his best to be optimistic in all cases His wife Saroja who was brought up in an uptown environment and after eloping with him, struggles to adapt herself to the new situation where nothing is positive towards her yet hoping for better tomorrow His mother, who just could not accept this and her mind inducing her one step above hate I liked the way author let the readers conclude the story and did justice t When i first read Perumal Murugan s One part women i knew i had found another marvellous Indian author So as soon as i knew his second book Pyre was translated i grabbed a copy immediately.I am not sure what my feelings are for this book right now I feel as though i am flooded with so many emotions sadness, frustration, helplessness and what not I felt as if everything was happening in front of my eyes but i was unable to help anybody Thats the beauty of good books right, which tells you the story of people and their miserable situations just so we know how they suffer without any mistake of theirs Saroja a simple girl from uptown elopes and marries Kumaresan and goes to his village hoping for a better life hardly knowing the harsh, ruthless reality which she was entering into Saroja s struggle was heart wrenching though she chose the right person to lead her life with yet fate was not by her side I am deeply saddened and disheartened at the tragic end of the female protagonist of Pyre All the suffering and torment she went through over a very personal and trivial matter Caste Murugan s Pyre is a slap across the face for all of us who are part of a society that is still so strictly governed by Casteism even today almost 70 years down the line after independence Though the book is fictional, I am very sure such cases still occur in India, predominantly in the rural areas where everything starts and ends with one s caste Through this book, Murugan has aptly dissected the rot that has seeped into our society and details the suffering that people might endure due to their castes I m in awe and admire Indian authors who write books that deal with social issues and try to bring about a change in people s mindset Kudoz for Mr Mu The story opens with young lovers Saroja and Kumaresan making their way to the latter s village, somewhere in the western region of Tamil Nadu, India They belong to different castes, and their hasty marriage is a decision that goes against everything the people around them believe in Early on, the reader can feel Saroja s sense of displacement very strongly Having left her hometown and her family, she is now transplanted to a village she has never been to, she knows nothing of, and to which her only connection is through her new husband Her predicament, however, is only visible to the reader and her Kumaresan, although nervous, expects the problems that may arise from their caste differences to dissipate quietly He tells Saroja as much, when she keeps imploring him to find answers that might reason with the villagers prying questions Their sweet bubble of calm is burst soon, however They re excommunicated and ostracised, their access to the local well is cut off, their relations with their family members sour, and life becomes difficult What follows is a difficult read, as the reader witnesses how caste differences poison the lives of Saroja and Kumaresan Pyre is set in the 1980s in a remote Ind You could see the ending coming, but there is such beauty in the writing. The tale was as creepy as the cover and its title and got creepier precisely because of its title Just like One Part Woman, where a couple is tormented by relatives and acquaintances for not having a child in Pyre we see a newly married couple tormented by the entire village because the girl appears to be of a different caste The mother in law Marayi leaves no stone unturned to hurl abuses and venom for she is highly disappointed by his son s choice and actions The description of the new couple meeting all the uncles and aunts is heart wrenching Story is woven well with quite a good amount of throwback moments.What I loved 1 Great translation keeping the essence with Nondi, Mapillai, Dey, Ada, saaru chatti, melolachatti, mutti, soppu.2 Engaging tale loaded with conversations3 Spine chilling depiction of cruelty by the entire village against one coupl 3.5 I would love to read the original text, someday or at least talk to someone who has The book is set in an extremely small village with narrow dirt roads where the views of the villagers are even narrower Anyone who feels th

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