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Ebook Phoenix The Fall Rise Of Videogames By Leonard Herman From Spacewar On Mainframe Computers To Tetris On Pocket Organizers, Phoenix Has Been Called The Definitive Book Concerning The History Of Videogames Within Its Pages You Ll Find The Atari Pong, The Microsoft Xbox 360, And Everything In Between But This Book Goes Beyond The Complete History Of Videogames You Ll See How The Videogame Industry Reigned, Collapsed And Returned Even Stronger Than Before It S All Here In Phoenix The Fall Rise Of Videogames. Phoenix: The Fall & Rise of Videogames

About the Author: Leonard Herman

Herman, The Game Scholar , fell in love with videogames the first time he played Pong at a local bowling alley in 1972 He began collecting videogames in 1979 after he purchased his first Atari VCS and then began writing his first book on videogames ABC To The VCS, which wouldn t be published until 1996 A programmer and technical writer by trade, Mr Herman founded Rolenta Press in 1994 to publ

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    I was kind of terrified when I first opened this book up because it featured as its author the same man who edited that terrible Ralph Baer autobiography that I just finished the other week Thankfully, this book was a much objective and

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    This was the first book on video game history it is a dry read but a must read for video game historians Treat it like a dictionary or an encyclopedia.

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    While I certainly appreciate the organization of video game history into or less chronological, yearly fashion it does make it of a reference than a story Very dry, it s a lot of facts, and very little drama or behind the scenes However, the

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    Phoenix The Fall Rise of Videogames by Leonard HermanI picked this book up as part of a book bundle somewhere, but escapes me with one right now It s timing was perfect as research for the development of Chip Shop as it covers the history of vide

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    It s easy enough to point fun at this book for its typos which, while not numerous, are embarrassing for example, TurboGrafx 16 is misspelled multiple times and its inability to format product names correctly it s Game Boy, not Gameboy But it also h

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    A little dry than I would have liked, but an interesting read nonetheless, though I admit to skimming some parts It definitely helped that I already enjoy reading about video computer game history I don t think I w...

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    A readable, comprehensive history of video games Not perfectly edited, but well recommended.

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