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Peter and the Starcatcher (Introduction by Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson) (Introduction by Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson): The Annotated Script of the Broadway Play (Peter and the Starcatchers) Great play, while reading I could almost see and hear the actors, even though I haven t seen the play yet. Loved the play the annotated script is also fun As a big fan of Barrie s original play of Peter Pan much than the better known musical adaptation , I was curious what I d make of this award winning prequel stage adaptation of Barry Pearson s children s book especially in how co directors Rees and Timbers utilized a bare bone aesthetics and theatrical imagination to bring the script to life Unfortunately, the annotations are rather skimpy on such information, but the copious photos do help to visualize what the pr Read as possible title for our spring show This is a show that might be better seen Act Two a lot better with some great witty comedy Liked it a good read, but didn t love it I was drawn to the books on which this play was based thanks to my love for Dave Barry and his historical, fictional predecessor, Peter Pan Every time I come across someone who s never heard of Dave, I feel a need to clap my hands and chant, I do believe in Dave, I do, I do The curious thing critics noted at the publication of the first book, on which this play is based, was that Dave, and his co writer Ridley Pearson, chose a somewhat moderate direction in crafting their prequel story, which is to say, it wasn t filled with abject goofiness driven by the impish impulses of little boys Actually, that was left to the grownups When I learned that a play had been created from it, and that there was an annotated script available, I was instantly fascinated Those becoming impatient for some actual reviewing in this review, I ask that you turn off your ticking clock for just a little longer I knew I wasn t going to be seeing the play anytime soon, so this would be the next best thing, complete with creator insights I mean, could there be a better substitute Reading the notes along with the script turned out to be a good decision Frankly, it s been a few years since I read The prequel to the timeless story of Peter Pan, this feature length play does everything right by vocalizing the dreaded transition from child to adult Peter Pan s growing up complex is ever present as the play continues preludes the themes of childhood, heartlessness, motherhood and the search for a commonplace With all great scripts and or screenplays, the ability to visualize the production and or film becomes a simple task Yet, Peter and the Starcatcher brings something new to the scene with its witty dialogue, complex environments, and clever plot, which makes for an interesting and experimental interpretation Tailored for adolescent and adult companies alike, this play is extremely flexible and is indeed enjoyable beyond a solemn read The opportunity to work with others in staging this story surely brings it all to new heights Although scripted stories may be enjoyed for personal This book is a great read, it is the prequel to Peter Pan but in a play form When Molly goes aboard a ship called the Neverland accompanied by her nanny Mrs.Bumbrake, her curiosity gets the best of her and she follows a sailor named Alf When Alf leaves she meets three boys The first named Prentiss who thinks he is the leader of the group, Ted who is completely food obsessed, and a strange boy named Boy Molly takes the boys from under the ship and takes care of them Molly s father, Aster on the other hand is abord another ship with the name of The Wasp Not only does aster get captured but he also realizes that the ship has been taken over by pirates run by the famous Black Stache Both ships end up meeting trying to get a trunk The importance of the trunk is great, there is this magical substance in it called starstuff When one gets their hands on starstuff it makes them what they want to be When the two ships come together there is a battle for which trunk is the right one By the end of that scene the Neverland is destroyed but most members of the ship make it to the island Once at the island Molly and Boy who is now called Peter are split up Peter does have Ted and Pren The Hilarious Script For The Broadway Play Peter And The Starcatcher Is Presented Along With Commentary By The Playwright, The Directors, The Composer, The Set Designer, And Our Own Dave Barry And Ridley Pearson Filled With Behind The Scenes Information And Photos Of The Cast And Crew, This Annotated Script Will Enchant And Entertain Fans Of The Book And The Play Alike. Most people have seen, or at least know, the story of Peter Pan, the lost boys, Captain Hook, Wendy, and all the other characters created by J M Barrie Since the play s opening in 1904, it has become a novel, a movie, a musical, and a perennial favorite But did you ever wonder what Peter and the Lost Boys were doing before they came to Neverland How Peter Pan and Captain Hook met Why does the crocodile have a clock inside How did Tinkerbell come into being Why Wendy In 2009, Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson, along with illustrator Greg Call published their version of the Peter Pan prequel, PETER AND THE STIRCATCHERS It didn t take long for Rick Elice to turn the book into a musical It won five Tony Awards in 2012 The annotated script of the Broadway play is a delight It begins with a trip that Lord Astor is making for Queen Victoria to deliver a very special trunk His thirteen going on fifteenyear old daughter Molly accompanies him They soon meet up with a group of orphan boys, including one who has no name and some pirates The trunk is switched by a nasty crew who are delivering the boys to a King who, unbeknown to the boys bought them To protect her, Lord Astor puts Molly on the boat Elice s adaptation of Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson s young adult book is wonderful, creating a play that s fun than any prior stage update of the old J.M Barrie This is a play that is made or failed by the embellishments of comic actors, by physical action, and by the very clever use of simple objects like ropes to delineate a variety of different locations for the action, so even though the script is good, reading it can t completely recreate the live experience I saw a primo production at the Utah Shakespeare Festival.Still, I highly recommend this annotated version for two reasons, beyond the joy of Elice s language First, this edition is loaded with fantastic production photographs Second, the annotations tell the story of how a show is built through its origination, runs in big regional theater houses, and eventually on t

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