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Pendragon Rises (Once and Future Hearts, #3) She Is Invisible To Everyone But The Blind Man Anwen Is The Least Favored Companion To Lady Igraine, The Duchess Of Cornwall No Man Will Marry Her, For She Is Old And Plain Instead, She Teaches Igraine S Children To Read.Steffan Of Durnovaria Was Once A Celebrated Warrior In The Duke Of Cornwall S Army, A Friend To Prince Uther, The High King S Brother, And Destined For Greatness, Until A Saxon War Hammer Stole His Sight And Destroyed His Life.To Deflect Steffan S Anger From The Warriors Around Him, Igraine Directs Him To Help Anwen Teach Her Daughters The Assignment Brings Him No Happiness And Terrifies Anwen, Who Has Never Spoken To A Man Directly In Her Life.When The New High King, Uther, Meets Igraine For The First Time And Becomes Obsessed With Her, Anwen And Steffan Are Drawn Into A Web Of Lies And Deceit That Could Destroy Britain S Fragile Peace.This Novel Is Part Of The Ancient Historical Romance Series, Once And Future Hearts, Set In Britain During The Time Of King Arthur.1.0 Born Of No Man2.0 Dragon Kin3.0 Pendragon Rises4.0 War Duke Of Britain5.0 High King Of Britain6.0 Battle Of Mount Badon7.0 Abduction Of Guenivere8.0 Downfall Of Cornwall9.0 Vengeance Of Arthur10.0 Grace Of Lancelot11.0 The Grail And Glory12.0 Camlann

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