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On Chesil Beach We know the story in advance from the book jacket a disastrous wedding night Both are virgins Young people will find that hard to believe these days, but this is set in the 1960 s As the author tells us, the pill was only a rumor They had no opportunity for intimacy while dating While in school in London he lived in a room in the house of a strict aunt She lived in a women s rooming house with a dorm mother keeping watch and no men allowed.We learn about their families and upbringing how they met and how they dated Both are intellectuals He s studying to be a professor of history her life is music and playing the violin They are or less in love and they are getting married because it s what you do This was still the era when to be young was a social encumbrance, a mark of irrelevance, a faintly embarrassing condition for which marriage was the begi This deceptively light novella describes the events of Florence and Edward s disastrous honeymoon night in 1962, interspersed with details of their childhoods and courtship to suggest how those influenced what happened Update re film at the bottom It is clinical and understated from the start The wedding had gone well and the weather not perfect but entirely adequate and continues in the bedroom with detailed descriptions of physical sensations of skin, muscle, and even individual hairs stroking for than one and a half minutes too precise.Florence is incapable of rudeness , Edward polite to a fault and both are virgins and unable to discuss intimate things There were no words to name what had happened, there existed no shared language , leading to misunderstandings, lost opportunities and unexpected consequences Edward is guided by duty Florence is guided by guilt though not being religious, she can t get absolution and has a visceral dread of sex, realising that sex with Edward could not be the summation of her joy, but was the price she must pay for it.Photo On Chesil Beach, April 2016 sea in front barely visible , lagoon behind DestinyA major theme is destiny, which is perhaps the converse of missed opportunities They regarded themselves as too sophisticated to believe in destiny , yet it was a belief in destiny that prompted Florence to form her quartet, and Florence and Edward inferred the hand The first thing you should know about this book is that, like the other Ian McEwan books I ve read, it is about the most uncomfortable, awkward, and squirmy thing you ll ever read Don t believe me What if I told you that the book which is 200 pages long only covers about two hours of time the first two hours of a newlywed couple s honeymoon in which they fumble to consummate their marriage And that both of them have very embarrassing sexual dysfunctions Well, that s what the book is about The reader looks on helplessly and squirmingly as two virgins, Edward and Florence, sit in a hotel room on the beach embarrassed out of their minds It s 1962, on the cusp of the sexual revolution, and the pair have neither the presence of mind or even the vocabulary to communicate openly with each other There is only a handful of words spoken until the very last chapter of the book it was tough for me not to use the word climax here, but I try to stay classy For the first 50 pages or so I was convinced that McEwan was just selling a freak show to us again that he s a popular author because people like reading about sex and other people s weirdo sex problems Who needs a plot or well executed sentences when we could have incest, brain damage, erect Love lost through an inability to speak truth.It is 1962 Edward and Florence have gone to a lovely seaside hotel on their wedding night, totally unprepared for the actual mechanics of sex Both are virgins Both have little knowledge of what can or should be done and the result is not a happy one Still, the issue here is not about the s of the 50 s, I believe Is it really possible for two 20 somethings to be so ignorant, even in 1962 I suppose it is possible But this is a novel about communication and trust than about the uptight s of a bygone time Ian McEwan from his websiteWe are shown the history of their relationship via flashback Florence came from a home bereft of physical contact There is one scene in which it is intimated, although not conclusively, that her father may have been guilty of a crime against her youth No wonder she is frightened Physicality to her is a source of shame And once given as when she was cuddled by one of her nannies as a child the pleasure is soon yanked away The nanny was let go But the crime here is that Edward and Florence are unable to talk with each other about their problem Had they exercised the power of speech they might have found a way out o The much longer full review can be found at the Chicago Center for Literature and Photography cclapcenter.com Regular readers know that this month CCLaP is taking an extended look at the nominees for the 2007 Booker Prize and regular readers also know that so far I ve been mostly disappointed by the nominees I ve read, finding most of them to be inconsequential little wisps of stories, many of them well written but certainly not weighty enough to be called The Best Novel of 2007 And thus do we come to the fifth Booker nominee to be reviewed here, as well as the one easily most well known, Ian McEwan s On Chesil Beach and let me tell you, if a common complaint about this year s Booker nominees is of their slight and inconsequential nature, On Chesil Beach isn t helping matters at all, in that it is such a non excuse for a novel as to almost not exist In fact, I can literally give you the entire plot of this 200 page, paperback sized book in literally 177 words and this is a major spoiler alert, by the way, because I m not kidding, I really am about to tell you the entire storyline of On Chesil Beach from beginning to end, without skipping a single detail, in 177 words Ready A young middle class couple get married in England in 1962, and spend their wedding night on Chesil Beach He only got married because he s horny as hell and lives in middle class 1962 England, whe Having read my first McEwan, I think I can begin to understand why so many good friends feel conflicted about him, even though almost all my friends have recorded positive reviews for this particular novel the reason I chose this one over others On Chesil Beach is hilariously funny, boldly intimate, and admirably candid when it describes the internal turmoil of its characters and their struggles to interpret their own truths, but taken whole I think the novel is just so so the story, the basic premise that holds it, is very contrived and a whole lot of fillers in the shape of flashbacks have been thrown in to make it big enough to be a novel.1962 Newly married couple Wedding Night Virgins Afraid of sexual failure our storyline Much can be said about Florence s total lack of interest in sex, her fear of intimacy, her disgust at being touched Okay, we know she was a product of her time a time just before the cultural change that revolutionized romance and sex in the West we know social conditioning had led her to view sex as dirty and corrupting, and we know there had not existed an acceptable common language to discuss those matters and we know that she was kind of introvert with a singular aim of making it big in the world of classical music Some of those possibilities are explored briefly, some only alluded to, but none of those make her problem convincing I hoped in vain to le UPDATED May 24, 2018, after watching the new film This is my second viewing of the film I first saw it last September during the Toronto film festival I read the book a month ago And I rescreened the film a few days ago to review before its theatrical release I prefer the novel, especially for the witty, all knowing narrator The flashbacks are handled much subtly in the book than they are in the movie.But the film McEwan wrote the screenplay captures the same tone of light comedy and tragedy Saoirse Ronan and Billy Howle In Vara Anului 1962, Cu Putin Inainte Ca The Beatles Sa Devina Faimosi, Edward Si Florence Se Casatoresc In Orasul Universitar Oxford Ceremonia Decurge Bine, Serviciile Sint Satisfacatoare, Petrecerea, Vesela Si, In Sfirsit, Cei Doi Ramin Singuri Sint Fericiti, Poate Un Pic Prea Emotionati Iau Cina Intr Un Loc Numit Plaja Chesil, Asteptind Noaptea Nuntii Cu O Acuratete Innebunitoare, Vom Afla Povestea Acestei Nopti, Care, Incalcind Orice Simt Al Firescului, Nu Se Mai Consuma Cei Doi Tineri Traiesc Drama Unei Crize Sexuale Intr O Epoca In Care Conversatiile Despre Asemenea Dificultati Sint Imposibil De Purtat Si Ce Ii Oprea , Noteaza Autorul, Personalitatile Lor, Trecutul, Ignoranta Si Temerile, Timiditatea, O Sensibilitate Excesiva, Lipsa Sigurantei, A Experientei Sau A Dezinvolturii, Ramasitele Unor Scrupule Religioase Istoria Insasi Edward Si Florence Sint Cu Adevarat Un Cuplu Ciudat Amindoi Inteligenti Si Educati, Dar Diferiti Poate Nu Neaparat In Mod Ireconciliabil, Daca Ar Fi Reusit Sa Vorbeasca Sincer Unul Cu Altul. I have a First Edition of this small hardcopy book I read it in 2007 There are other passionate 5 star reviews but I was incredibly disappointed I felt it could have been a short story I was angry that I paid full price for it However..I may re read this book soon it A story lives transformed by a gesture not made or a word not spoken This little novel is so deceptive It s under 200 pages, and the story seems simple the 1962 wedding night of Edward and Florence, two young, virginal people in love Edward is ready to burst with the desire to consummate their marriage Florence is dreading it.But it isn t so simple The night is a disaster, and wrought with the secret scars and fatal flaws the two people carry around The writing is so revealing of the complexities each person brings with them to a relationship The crux lies in what is not done, what is unsaid, and then, painfully, what is unlived Nothing matters except what could have been Inconceivably, it is easier to live a whole entire life unfulfilled rather than utter one s truth or javelin over the barrier of pride A whole life And my heart is wrenched without mercy That McEwan captures thi

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