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Paperback Dreams Jeet Roy, A College Casanova, Has Published A Book By Unfair Means All He Wants Is To Earn Loads Of Money And Have Hot Girls Chase After Him Wherever He Goes Rohit Sehdev, A One Book Old Popular Fiction Writer Is Furious When He Finds Out That His Publisher Has Cheated Him Out Of His Royalties Karun Ahuja Is A Highly Ambitious Schoolboy Who Wants To Win The Heart His Lady Love By Writing A Novel About It And He Doesnt Mind Playing Dirty To Get To The Top Ruthlessly Exploiting These Ambitious Young Men Is Their Unscrupulous Publisher Sometimes Funny, Sometimes Shocking, Paperback Dreams Is The Story Of A New Breed Of Young Writers Who Will Do Anything To Get Famous, Fast

About the Author: Rahul Saini

Rahul Saini is the bestselling author of five hugely popular books Those small Lil Things,Just like in the Movies, The Orange Hangover and most recently Paperback Dreams andJust For You, which created a lot of buzz and raised many questions about the currentscenario of the publishing industry in India All his books have featured in various bestselling lists across the nation.His books have strong comic tones and present the up beat stories that portray the funloving, free spirited and the outgoing character of today s youth Apart from being lightentertainers, his books carry relevant social messages His first book has also beentranslated into Hindi which won the award for the best translation by the Federation ofIndian Printers and Publishers Trained as an architect from Sushant School of Art andArchitecture, Gurgaon, apart from being a novelist, he is a keen photographer and an artistand has had successful art shows He is into film making and script writing as well.Currently he is working as a visiting faculty member for an art and design program at aprestigious university in India.

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    I d give it minus stars if I could It is so bad There are two reasons you finish a book in one sitting 1 It is so gripping that you don t want to sleep before finishing 2 It is so bad that you want to know how it ends before you sleep so you can wake up and read a better book.Rahul Saini s Paperback Dreams falls under the second category A story about three authors , one is a loser, Rohit, because he keeps tellin

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    Paperback Dreams by Rahul Saini, is a fictional story stating the story of three new generation writers As from the title and blurb I wasintrigue to read the novel and the novel satisfied completely by stating the reality of literature world.The story moves parallel between three writers, Jeet Oberoi is a national best selling author who doesn t consider about ethics and done some unethical activity to get publish his fi

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    Paperback dreams are about 3 young authors who voyage is through the dirty games of publishing industry in India The book give an insight of how the publishing couch works and young authors cheat each other First person narrative of three characters holds the readers to book with its twist and turns On a readers perspective it s a light read but a five hour super entertainment Scandals, Betrayals, sex, love, greed, ambition are

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    When you find an original story told by an author with a commitment to write only if he has a good story to tell, and if he takes a dig at the very phenomenon that he is involved with then you know you re dealing with some raw courage on hand And if the writing is witty, at times deep, and the plotline forwards without effort making you turn the pages, then you know you re dealing with a good book and in good hands.Three different peopl

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    I won t say say this is my favorite Rahul Saini book That ll always remain his first one yet this book was a entertaining read This is a brave and a rather interesting take on the book publishing business It has a decent plot to kick start the story, yet it does get a little dull in middle and ending feels incomplete but may be that s because it has another installment or so did I read Still the author could have donewith the ending of Karun an

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    Since Penguin is the publisher, I thought it must be good enough The synopsis grabbed my attention.The so many love struck so called light reads that we see piled up in bookstores, and feel sad about the way literature is going I thought this book is going to talk about that The format of the book is very bad, chapter headings are the names of the three protags, taking in turn to narrate the story from their point of view It was way too obvious to be i

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    It was pretty impressive even because of the book cover and back cover s summary.I was looking for some Indian author this time So this is my first Indian novel.It was going really good in the starting..but when it reaches in the middle of the novel, the story becomes dull and boring The starting spark of the book tends to diminishes as story goes farther.And the end was totally lame Its a filmy ending.Frankly speaking, this book attracted me due to its Jeet c

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    Really imagination deprived story , but only the concept of three interweaving stories was a refreshing one

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    When should you write a book When you have a story to tell OR When the characters you create can make the readers fall in love with them OR When your writing skills are exceptional despite having no plot at all Unfortunately, Paperback Dreams offers none.I am sure the character of Karun Mukharjee was written while Rahul Saini was watching Ekta Kapoor s daily soaps There is neither logic nor soul in any of the sub plots There is no solid reason why a particular character behav

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    Review later

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