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Panthers Moon and Other Stories CONTENTS AcknowledgementsA Tiger In The TunnelThe MonkeysGrandpa Fights An OstrichPanther S MoonEyes Of The CatThe LeopardGrandpa Tickles A TigerThe Eye Of The EagleA Crow For All SeasonsTiger, Tiger, Burning Bright

10 thoughts on “Panthers Moon and Other Stories

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    Just finished reading Panther s Moon by Ruskin Bond, an excellent collection of 10 stories of human encounters with animals By the time you finish reading this book, you start looking at an

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    Wierd, Amazing and sweet encounters of humans with animals which you will think about and cherish long after you ve kept it down This book is different yet familiar Loved reading those stories full o

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    For those who enjoy forest stories, hunting or adventure stories go for this Though this book is for 9 ages, is good read for the simple and narrative style At times I felt as though I am reading Jim Corbett b

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    An enjoyable collection of short stories by Ruskin Bond.

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    If there is a storyteller who is able to please the readers of all ages, it has got to be him All the stories described here will give you quite an idea how the Himalayan region is You will be able to f...

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