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Our Moon Has Blood Clots: The Exodus of the Kashmiri Pandits Rahul Pandita Was Fourteen Years Old In When He Was Forced To Leave His Home In Srinagar Along With His Family, Who Were Kashmiri Pandits The Hindu Minority Within A Muslim Majority Kashmir That Was Becoming Increasingly Agitated With The Cries Of Azadi From India The Heartbreaking Story Of Kashmir Has So Far Been Told Through The Prism Of The Brutality Of The Indian State, And The Pro Independence Demands Of Separatists But There Is Another Part Of The Story That Has Remained Unrecorded And Buried Our Moon Has Blood Clots Is The Unspoken Chapter In The Story Of Kashmir, In Which It Was Purged Of The Kashmiri Pandit Community In A Violent Ethnic Cleansing Backed By Islamist Militants Hundreds Of People Were Tortured And Killed, And About ,, Kashmiri Pandits Were Forced To Leave Their Homes And Spend The Rest Of Their Lives In Exile In Their Own Country Rahul Pandita Has Written A Deeply Personal, Powerful And Unforgettable Story Of History, Home And Loss

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    I lie in my bed Turn the last page of the book Gently put it down on the side Infuriated and devastated Immobility seeps in Disillusionment Close my eyes in defiance of the world around me No In hopelessness No In anger Give up Deep breath Reminisce about MY

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    After false starting writing a review of this book so many times, I somehow get past the anxiety of saying what I wanted to say Say it here.And with a simple hope, of someone picking up this book and reading it Not because of this review only, but because of thi

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    It was a heart wrenching book This is the book of the period, in which India, as a civilization, faced existential crisis, where it became a sin to be a Hindu, and traitors organised a deadly Holocaust Thank you author for bringing to light the suffering of a commun

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    This is a poignant memoir Rahul Pandita grew up Kashmir in the 1990s As his name suggests, he is a Kashmiri Pandit In Kashmir Valley, Muslims are in majority whereas Hindus constitute a small minority The harsh Indian policies against Muslims have not only alienated the

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    and an an earlier time when the flowers were not stainedwith blood, the moon with blood clots To understand the author s viewpoint Please watch this interview of Rahul Pandita Our Moon Has Blood Clots by Rahul Pandita is the truth of the life that Kashmiri Pandits have liv

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    It was a venom spouting Twitter s Kashmiri Sunni community that first piqued my interest in this book I was curious who and what had evoked thier hatred and ire They were maligning Pandita and then a careful following of the conversation guided me to the book I found various Ka

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    Rahul Pandita narrates a spellbinding tale of the exodus of Hindus from the Indian administered Kashmir Read the complete review here Rahul Pandita narrates a spellbinding tale of the exodus of Hindus from the Indian administered Kashmir Read the complete review here

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    and an earlier time when the flowers were not stained with blood, the moon with blood clots Pablo Neruda, Oh, My Lost City The story of Kashmiri Pandits is a sordid chapter in the ongoing tragic epic of Kashmir Persecuted by Islamic fundamentalists, disowned by their own state, and lar

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    This is one of those books which feels awkward to rate How do you rate a person s experience with tortures, murders and forced exile When I was little I would sometimes see my mother get this faraway look in her eyes as if she was in a trance I d tug on her arm and ask her what she was loo

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    When I opened the book, I already knew it would be a sad tale of atrocities A gut wrenching story of broken homesbroken dreamsbroken lives What I did not expect was the heart ache I felt deep insideas I became one with the families whose stories have been told Several times, I felt like callin

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About the Author: Rahul Pandita

Rahul Pandita is an Indian author and journalist Pandita has worked as a war correspondent, and is known for his ample news reporting from the war hit countries like Iraq and Sri Lanka However, in the recent years, his focal point has been the Maoist movement in India s red corridor He has also reported from North Eastern India He has worked with The Hindu, Open Magazine among other media organizations He is a 2015 Yale World Fellow He was awarded the International Red Cross award for delivering news from war zones, in 2010.He has written several books Among them are The Absent State Insurgency as an Excuse for Misgovernance, co authored with Neelesh Misra, Hello Bastar The Untold Story of India s Maoist Movement 2011 , and Our Moon has Blood Clots The Exodus of the Kashmiri Pandits.