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The Information That Gangcuangco Presents In This Novel Regarding The Human Immunodeficiency Virus And Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome HIV AIDS Offers An Entirely Fresh Approach To Presenting Factual, Consistent And Most Recent Scientific Data, Woven Into A Plot Of Romance, Vengeance, Mercy And Forgiveness In His Narrative, Gangcuangco Reiterates Relevant Issues About HIV AIDS, Especially Men Having Sex With Men, Sustaining The Interest Of The Reader In An Erotic Yet Amusing And Witty Manner Fallacies About The Virus And Advisories About Safe Sex Are Consistently Reaffirmed Amidst The Compelling Dialogues And Discourses Emanating From The Many Colorful And Controversial Characters Of The Novel Orosa-Nakpil, Malate (A Filipino Novel)

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    Tagalog Version ang nabasa ko Dati pa, mga 2010 pa Sa pinsan kong libro Nirekomenda lang ng pinsan kapatid ng may ari ng libro kong kasing edaran lang noon 14.Sabi niya, Pao, basahin mo to Tungkol sa mga bading Nagsesex dito Maganda pabulong pa niyang sabi sa akin, at patago pang inabot sa akin ang libro Nang gabi ring iyon ay sinimulan kong basahin nang nakalock ang pintuan ng kuwarto Mga tatlong araw ko rin itong binasa.Maganda Para bagang lumawak ang pag iisp ko para sa mga ga

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    Orosa Nakpil, Malate is a book of many things It is funny, informative, heartbreaking and thought provokingPerhaps, the most moving part aside from the rape chapter was the last time Dave and Ross saw each other I thought I m about to have cardiac arrest reading that scene of the book because it was just totally heartbreaking When I was just 20 pages away from the end, I told my big sis who have read the first five chapters and last one IKR She s super weird that way that I know wha

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    I have never read a gay love story that is just so universal Actually, this is my first time to read a book about the pink community I ve seen some books of gay milieu but didn t bother because I thought I won t be able to relate until I heard about this book from a friend She said it s beautiful so I went out to a bookstore and checked it out.Orosa Nakpil, Malate has an English version, a Tagalog version and an uncut Tagalog version I ordered for the last one Of course, who would want

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    This is a heartbreaking work of staggering genius Louie Mar Gangcuangco is the Philippines answer to Edmund White.

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    Orosa Napkil Malate Because I read the Tagalog version, I shall make my review in the Filipino language.Taong 2010 nang nabasa ko ito Isa sa malapit na kamag aral ko sa kolehiyo ang bumili ng libro, at ang kopya nya ay umikot na sa buong klase Noong mga panahon yon, unti unti akong namulat sa mga bagay bagay sa realidad, at maraming beses namin napag uusapan ang iba t ibang paksa relihiyon, karapatang pagkakabaihan, kahirapan, akademikong aralin, at homosekswalidad kasama ng iba pang

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    This book, written in the second person, presents beautifully the life of a male who prefers sexual intimacy with those of his own sex with some emphasis on his love and heartbreaks It also is, somewhat, a primer on HIV AIDS, although it s not really the main focus of the book The HIV AIDS part may be looked at as a sort of consequential school of thought, a shout out , if you will I can almost say as well that the book is a mixture of romance and tragedy, although it has a very hopeful ending

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    I LOVE THIS BOOK I d give it ten stars if i could The story of actual accounts in a gay man s life Truly an eye opener for queer people The dos and don ts of a homosexual s life Fate, tragedy and true love, in its truest sense KUDOS TO LOUIE GANGCUANGCO

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    One of my most favorite books on Earth is Orosa Nakpil Malate Told in quirky and colloquial language, it is the story of Dave, a young bright gay boy We see his life from childhood and how he grew up to be a smart promiscuous teenager I can really relate to the story of Dave Like him, I was extremely whorish I have no qualms with mating with men The only difference is that unlike Dave, I do not go to gay bars often I also love getting cock inside me all the time while Dave is on sucking and foreplay

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    gusto ko din to hindi dahil ang vivid ng pagkakasabi sa mga ginagawang pagmamahalan ng dalawang bakla, kundi dahil it s about HIV awareness na obvious naman and yung pinaka gusto ko yung thought nung isang gay about giving pleasure, satisfaction happiness basta ayun basta gusto ko to ahahaha being in a homosexual relationship doesn t end fucking each other all the time sometimes when you fuck loves comes out naturally, or there is an intention or whatever my mind couldn t process at this point in time t

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    I was 14 when Ive read this book I really cant imagine the story but this novel amaze me so much I love the roller coaster ride of this noverl Wanna let you know, ive never read any novel books and know what this is my very first time that i have read a Whole novel.

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