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Operation Mincemeat In 1943, From A Windowless London Basement Office, Two Intelligence Officers Conceived A Plan That Was Both Simple Complicated Operation Mincemeat Purpose To Deceive The Nazis Into Thinking The Allies Were Planning To Attack Europe By Way Of Greece Or Sardinia, Rather Than Sicily, As The Nazis Had Assumed The Allies Ultimately Chose Charles Cholmondeley Of MI5 The British Naval Intelligence Officer Ewen Montagu Were Very Different Cholmondeley Was A Dreamer Seeking Adventure Montagu Was An Aristocratic, Detail Oriented Barrister A Perfect Team, They Created An Ingenious Plan Equip A Corpse With Secret But False Papers Concerning The Invasion, Then Drop It Off The Coast Of Spain Where German Spies Would Hopefully Take The Bait The Idea Was Approved By British Intelligence Officials, Including Ian Fleming 007 S Creator Winston Churchill Believed It Might Ring True To The Axis Help Bring Victory.Filled With Spies, Double Agents, Rogues, Heroes A Corpse, The Story Of Operation Mincemeat Reads Like An International Thriller Unveiling Never Before Released Material, Macintyre Goes Into The Minds Of Intelligence Officers, Their Moles Spies, The German Abwehr Agents Who Suffered The Twin Frailties Of Wishfulness Yesmanship He Weaves Together The Eccentric Personalities Of Cholmondeley Montagu Their Improbable Feats Into An Adventure That Saved Thousands Paved The Way For The Conquest Of Sicily.

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    I feel I ought to have liked this bookthan I did Lord knows, the author did his research, in commendable detail But did he really have to include everything he learned in the final book At some point the level of detail provided went for me beyond interesting

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    When a dead man becomes a highly effective spy, fools the enemy and helps win a war with the world in the balance, well, that sounds like something James Bond writer Ian Fleming would concoct Oh wait, he did To be specific andcorrect , Operation Mincemeat, a plan devise

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    The basic story is well known, but since the appearance of the first book, The Man Who Never Was, an extraordinary amount of new material has become available Even if you ve read The Man Who Never Was I had , I can t recommend Operation Mincemeat highly enough This is, quite simp

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    Briefly, I have to say that this is one of the most fascinating books of history I ve read in a very long time You don t even need to be a WWII buff to appreciate it I m not but it s simply amazing The basic story is this it s 1943, and the Allies have plans to invade Sicily to get a footh

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    It s a rare gem when history is unfolded for us in such a detailed and thrilling form In 1943, Ewan Montagu of the British Naval Intelligence and Charles Cholmondeley of MI5 came together in collaboration of a complex plan of deception The plan that was ultimately approved was to take a suitable cor

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    A marvellous story of intrigue of actual events during World War II There are a host of wonderful and eclectic characters in England, Spain and Germany The author presents all these in readable detail.The sequence of events and there are several are well depicted and we are clearly presented with the logical

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    You can t make this stuff up Orprecisely, you can which is what makes this story of espionage and deception so much fun It is almost hard to believe it is all true When I first began the book, I didn t think Ben Macintyre had enough material to make an interesting story I presumed he would be repetitive,...

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    Dad was involved in the occupation of N Africa and in the landings at Gela on the south coast of Sicily An army cryptanalyst attached to the U.S navy, he and his colleagues maintained ship to shore communications during the successful invasion Books relevant to his experiences there and in the Pacific have long attracted my atte

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    Rating Clarification 4.5 StarsFrom the book blurbIn 1943, from a windowless basement office in London, two brilliant intelligence officers Charles Cholmondeley of MI5 and the British naval intelligence officer Ewen Montagu conceived a plan that was both simple and complicated Operation Mincemeat The purpose To deceive the Nazis into think

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    Seen the documentary from Ben Macintyre.https watch v Gh8D3Highly recommended

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