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On a Prayer A Touching Story Of Love,faith And RedemptionTwenty Two Year Old Yash Birla Wakes Up Atthe Break Of Dawn To A Phone Call That Changeshis Life A Plane With His Parents And Sister Hasjust Crashed In Bangalore Leaving His College InNorth Carolina On A Flight To Mumbai, Yash Findsout That They Have All Passed Away Everythinghe Has Known Is Destroyed And His World Issuddenly Torn ApartReeling From The Loss, Yash Is Handed Over A Vastempire Of Companies That He Is Now At The Helm Of,where He Has To Fight For His Rights And Manoeuvrethrough Relatives Who Have Their Own AgendasThis Is The Story Of A Man Who Overcomes Oneof Life S Toughest Hurdles And Lives To Tell The TaleIt Is Yash Birla S Journey From A State Of Oblivionto Survival, Where His Deep Belief In Spiritualityand His Faith In True Love Act As A Crutch For Himto Go On Money, Greed, God And An Inside Viewof One Of India S Oldest Industrial Familiesat Is The Story Of On A Prayer Very inspirational book..

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