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Featuring Sixty Black And White Photographs Of Old Dogs Shot By Pulitzer Prize Winning Photographer Michael S Williamson And Narrated By Washington Post Staffer And Columnist Gene Weingarten, This Is A Perfect Collection For Dog Lovers That Celebrates Man S Best Friend Old Dogs Are the Best Dogs

About the Author: Gene Weingarten

A Pulitzer Prize winning reporter and humorist for the Washington Post and author of a number of books.

10 thoughts on “Old Dogs Are the Best Dogs

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    Calling all fleabags As a big fan of geriatric canines, I howled for this book from the moment I heard about it And, I realized quickly I was barking up the right tree here with purchase of an expensive hardback b

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    Caution you will tear up And if you don t, you really have no business reading this book in the first place.

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    I love dogs, almost all dogs puppies and now old dogs Our current dog, we ve had three before this, is now thirteen and a half Our other dogs, all Rottweilers, never made it past ten years Harry, our Chesapeake Bay Retr

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    I completely adored this heartwarming little book Tears and smiles with each turning page I am so blessed with my sweet little Roxy girl, who has spent her 11 years as my constant companion This book made me appreciate her

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    You might tend to want to pick up this book for the cover and you certainly wouldn t be off in that decision but make sure you stick around for the narrative as well, including the introduction I think it s rare that one can

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    This is a great collection of black and white photos of older dogs There s Rudder, a Portuguese Water dog like what the Obamas have , who suffers from irreversible follicular dysplasia better known as male pattern baldness Boca,

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    Celebrating old dogs provides a new angle for the plethora of cute touching heartstring pulling dog photograph books out there Excellent as the photos in this one are, though, it was the writing that really grabbed me, both in the

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    It s been a year since my dog, Surprise who was 16 years old died, and it s not true what they say about time damping your sorrow I still miss the old boy and I guess I was looking for a kindred soul when I picked up this book The fir

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    Old Dogs Are the Best Dogs, is one of the best dog books I ve seen yet I absolutely adored it Starting off with a great introduction no, seriously read it and followed with two page spreads of an old dog s Each entry had the name of the

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    What can I say about the best book I have ever seen written about old dogs The pictures are beautiful and funny The text is hilarious and perfectly accompanies the photos The dogs are presented with dignity and joy and both the text and the

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