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Non Stop India About The Book Non Stop India The Much Anticipated Follow Up To The Bestselling No Full Stops In India Now Available In Paperback Poised To Become One Of The Major Economies Of The Twenty Firstcentury, India At Times Seems Unmindful Of Questions On Thesustainability Of Such Growth And Its Effect On The Stability Ofthe Nation Veteran Journalist And Bestselling Author Of No FullStops In India, Mark Tully Travels Across India To Turn Thespotlight On The Everyday Concerns Of The Common Man In Areas Suchas Governance And Business, Spirituality And Ecology In Revealinginterviews With Captains Of Industry And Subsistence Farmers,politicians And Dalits, Spiritual Leaders And Bandits, He Capturesthe Voices Of The Nation Even As He Celebrates Its Vibrant Historyand Incredible Potential About Author Mark Tully Sir Mark Tully Was Born In Calcutta, India, In He Was TheChief Of Bureau, BBC, New Delhi, For Twenty Two Years, Was Knightedin The New Years Honours List In And Was Awarded The PadmaBhushan In Today, His Distinguished Broadcasting Careerincludes Being The Regular Presenter Of The Contemplative BBC Radio Programme Something Understood His Books Include No Full Stopsin India, The Heart Of India, India In Slow Motion Written Withhis Partner And Colleague Gillian Wright And Indias UnendingJourney He Lives In New Delhi Reviews Tully Report S On The Various Indias Behind The Headlines Hindustan Times Through Tullys Probing Eyes, One Discovers The Complex Workingsof The Indian Democracy Telegraph

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    Book Review published in Freedom First Magazine No 538 April 2012India is a complex place There s some of everything here and it defies a simple definition You can t truly know it till yo

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    Mark Tully, as a BBC correspondent in New Delhi, made India his second home Any outsider s perspective on India has a potential to offer unbiased review over happenings in our country But, at the s

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    This book is a collection of ten brilliantly elucidated essays that cover the indian social caste and class, religion, politics, wildlife, business, bureaucracy, agriculture and socio political environment.W

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    Picked this up at the Varanasi airport and read throughout a month traveling in India I appreciated the many topics from religion to language to politics to agriculture and the environment and the unique complexities

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    Semi interesting One struggles to pick any central theme in this collection of long essays As standalone pieces, they are mildly engaging But there s nothing that ties them together into one cohesive body of work Tully s empath

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    Mark Tully is known for his deep understanding of India At times you get a feeling that he isIndian than Indians In the book, Tully uses many current events to delve into the little known facets of the country s socio political landscape

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    The book has managed to cover a wide variety of fields which have a huge impact on India s growth and development Although, the book has taught me a lot of new things but the stats given in the book are quite old for someone who is reading it or p

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    Mark has an unique view of India, how it functions and what could be done to ramp the development process Going page by page, I understood some well known but overlooked stories about India His writing at any point discuss pre and post independent India Suc

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    A very interesting look at how the legacy of the caste system interacts with modern Indian politics to create today s India Definitely relies heavily on anecdotal accounts but still very informative for someone mostly unfamiliar with India s politics and culture.

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    Felt elated to traverse through the upheavels of the country during the last 25 years mostly Felt ashamed as an Indian to get to know an English man who has beenof an Indian than a Billion A raconteur at his narrative best thats Mark Tully in Non Stop India.

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