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No Strings Attached She Saved His Life, But She Wants From Him Than Gratitude Mei Jing Is Feeling Conflicted About Not Telling Rod That She Is His Rescuer And As Their Relationship Grows, Her Conflict Is Heightened After Each Date She Knows Rod Is Seeking The Woman Who Saved His Life, But Mei Jing Struggles To Find The Right Time To Tell Him The Truth Will She Be Able To Trust That What She Feels Is His Love For Her Or Rod S Gratitude For His Rescuer

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    Another of my purchases from Escape Publishing, bought right after Grease Monkey Jive, when the December titles were on sale.Mei Jing and Rod were both in Thailand during the 2004 tsunami, and she saved his life In the years since, he s devoted much effort and money to finding the

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    This was a fabulous read I enjoyed the Australian setting and all the different characters and what they brought to the story.I especially loved the humour throughout.What a great debut novel.

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    Rating 3.5 5I really enjoyed this story for the most part my main issue being, this novel should have been broken into three novellas The Australian voice was distinct and refreshing, and while I have problems with the probability of Rod not knowing who Mei Jing was, the portrayal of debt pa

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    Wow, this was a wonderful book Absolutely hilarious in lots of places, great insight into what it might be like to be a modern Australian daughter of rather traditional Chinese parents, and three addictive love stories rolled into one book The catalyst for the story is the Boxing...

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    Humour, heart and vivid characters I loved the genuine Australian feel of the story, and especially the affectionate yet accurate portrayal of relationships.If I say muchI ll spoil the gentle tangle of friendships and family in the story, so I ll be quiet No Strings Attached was fun

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    I really fell into this book, I truly felt this story was non fiction rather than fiction, flowed well and reflected the story brilliantly and the funny one liners were great too.

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