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No One You Know From The New York Times Bestselling Author Of The Year Of Fog, No One You Know Is A Thoroughly Riveting Literary Thriller Booklist, Starred Review All Her Life Ellie Enderlin Had Been Known As Lila S Sister Until One Day, Without Warning, The Shape Of Their Family Changed Forever Twenty Years Ago, Lila, A Top Math Student At Stanford, Was Murdered In A Crime That Was Never Solved In The Aftermath Of Her Sister S Death, Ellie Entrusted Her Most Intimate Feelings To A Man Who Turned The Story Into A Bestselling True Crime Book A Book That Both Devastated Her Family And Identified One Of Lila S Professors As The KillerDecades Later, Two Americans Meet In A Remote Village In Nicaragua Ellie Is Now A Professional Coffee Buyer, An Inveterate Traveler And Incapable Of Trust Peter Is A Ruined Academic And Their Meeting Is Not By Chance As Rain Beats Down On The Steaming Rooftops Of The Village, Peter Leaves Ellie With A Gift The Notebook That Lila Carried Everywhere, A Piece Of Evidence Not Found With Her Body Stunned, Ellie Will Return Home To San Francisco To Explore The Mysteries Of Lila S Notebook, Filled With Mathematical Equations, And Begin A Search That Has Been Waiting For Her All These Years It Will Lead Her To A Hundred Year Old Mathematical Puzzle, To A Lover No One Knew Lila Had, To The Motives And Fate Of The Man Who Profited From Their Family S Anguish And To The Deepest Secrets Even Sisters Keep From Each Other As She Connects With People Whose Lives Unknowingly Swirled Around Her Own, Ellie Will Confront A Series Of Startling Revelations From The Eloquent Truths Of Numbers To Confessions Of Love, Pain And LossA Novel About The Stories And Lies That Strangers, Lovers And Families Tell And The Secrets We Keep Even From Ourselves Michelle Richmond S New Novel Is A Work Of Astonishing Depth And Beauty, At Once Heartbreaking, Provocative, And Impossible To Put Down

About the Author: Michelle Richmond

Thank you for stopping by my Goodreads page I grew up in Mobile, Alabama, the middle of three sisters I made my home in California for nearly 20 years and now live in Paris with my husband and son I hope you will consider reading my latest novel, THE MARRIAGE PACT, which is about marriage under extreme pressure from a powerful organization called The Pact The book is available in 30 languages, and I love hearing from readers all over the globe You can contact me through my website, michellerichmond.com My previous novels include THE YEAR of FOG, GOLDEN STATE, and others My new novel will be published by Grove Atlantic in 2021.THE MARRIAGE PACT is a psychological thriller about a young professional couple who get caught up in a worldwide marriage cult that promises them a happy, lasting marriage Take The Marriage Pact Challenge and get my free book club party guide at When you sing up for my newsletter, you ll also get a free audio story every month.I like to write about ordinary people in crisis a kidnapping The Year of Fog , a hostage situation Golden State , a decades old murder that became a true crime sensation No One You Know , and now THE MARRIAGE PACT I enjoy pushing characters past the limits of everyday life, seeing how they react to trauma and, in the case of THE MARRIAGE PACT, to a threat much bigger andpowerful than themselves One of the things I find challenging and exciting about writing fiction is allowing my characters to act in questionable ways that make sense to them at the moment Characters, like children, need the freedom to make their own bad decisions.My novels are often set in San Francisco and the Bay Area, where I ve made my home, but my stories and novels also take inspiration from many of the places I ve lived and traveled My story collection HUM 2014 features Americans caught up in espionage, surveillance, and all manner of marital crimes.If you love discovering new books, or if you ve enjoyed any of my books, I d love to send you my author newsletter It includes notes on what I m reading, dispatches from the writing life, and book giveaways You can sign up for the newsletter at can read my true stories of life in Paris at story I knew I wanted to be a writer for almost as long as I can remember, way back when I was a kid growing up in Alabama I used to write skits to perform for my parents with my two sisters After graduating from a huge public school in downtown Mobile, I studied journalism and creative writing at the University of Alabama, then worked in advertising, as well as in restaurants and a tanning salon for a few years before enrolling in an MFA program in creative writing I bounced around the South for a while and lived in New York City for a couple of years, with a brief work stint in Beijing, before settling in Northern California in 1999 I ve been writing here in the fog ever since.My first book, The Girl in the Fall Away Dress was a short story collection that I wrote during my years waitressing and doing other odd jobs in Knoxville and Atlanta My first novel, Dream of the Blue Room, was inspired by my time in Beijing My second novel, The Year of Fog, gathered many rejections before being acquired by a young editor at Bantam The Year of Fog was a life changing book in that in allowed me to connect with readers in ways I d never quite imagined, and it gave me the freedom to pursue writing full time Writing is my dream job It s a job I do alone in a quiet room, but because it allows me to connect with readers, it never feels lonely.

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    2nd Update ANOTHER 1.99 special I think it was great Very intelligently written Update 1.99 on Kindletoday Michelle s book The Year of the Fog won book of the year years back in the Bay Area This is another one of her books Her writing really stands out Gorgeous Interesting mysterious travel type tale Excellent No One You Know , issophisticated tha

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    It s official I am a huge fan of Michelle Richmond s writing style, and of her storytelling, and especially the characters she creates and the subject matter she chooses My admiration for her The Year of Fog was not a fluke I was wowed by this book also I plan to read her other older published novel and book of short stories, and any other writing she creat

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    Well this was a pleasant surprise I picked it up from the used paperbacks in a hotel my own pile of Republic of Consciousness Prize longlist re reads having been exhausted before the holidays end I had forgotten how concise so many of them were and also how on a re read of complex books things slot together so much easier Faced with the usual array of crime series n

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    I had read The Year of Fog by this author and was eager to read this one This book, however, was quite disappointing First of all, the main premise is flawed The main character s sister, Lila, is murdered and her sister s college professor writes a nonfiction book about the murder naming the killer which would never be done The person who was named was not the killer and he

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    Toward the end of this incredibly moving literary mystery, the storyteller and Ellie is a storyteller narrator is far too sterile a word for what is going on here comes to the realization that stories aren t set in stone I don t know if that is a universal truth, provable to the irrefutable certainty demanded by the mathematician characters in No One You Know, but it is clearly true

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    Beautifully done literary mystery following one woman s search for the truth behind her mathematician sisters death Full review to follow.

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    I found myself having a few little mixed opinions the whole time I was reading this book But let s start with the basic plot no spoilers promise Ellie Enderlin was 19 years old when her brilliant, beautiful, math whiz older sister Lila left one night and never came home Her body was found just a few days later in a wooded area, but no one was ever prosecuted Ellie subsequently turned to one of her pro

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    This is a book suffering from multiple personality disorder It might be a story of a character reconciling with her past it might be a murder mystery it might be a romance but it is successful at none of these Richmond begins with a sound premise a young woman living life in the shadow of her sister s unsolved murder Then, the author seems to lose track of her own aims Her protagonist s actions are not quite c

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    I bought this expecting a Jodi Picoult type read, but got muchThis, in spite of its terrible, generic cover, is a literary novel with a lot of interesting elements the emphasis on storytelling, on coffee, on math, on the relationship between sisters, with music and San Francisco, and Ben Fong Torres , and all its interesting characters I could have happily lived within this novel for a longer period of time.

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    Richmond has a fast paced, riveting style that carries you along like a leaf swirling downstream She doesn t cheatwe have all the pieces to the puzzle I like that I could relate to Ellie in both her love for her sister, her confusion regarding herself, and her need to find the truth at last Deeply moving, completely realistic, profoundly human Richmond is on my list of authors always worth reading.

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