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Netagiri When Jay Huskee The Grand Patriarch Of The Huskee Clan Falls Out Of A Window And Goes Missing, He Sets Off A Sequence Of Events That Results In One Of The Biggest Political Showdowns In The History Of The Country Of Gyaandostaan In His Absence, His Grandson Paul Must Now Stake Claim To What Is Rightfully His Backed By An Ebullient Crack Team, Paul Must Now Confront His Greatest Fears Including Talking To Girls To Rescue His People From An Oppressive Regime Riotous And Riveting, Netagiri Takes A Satirical Look At A Power Obsessed Society By India S Original Funnyman

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    Though that is exactly what is expected, the book really has nothing to offer Stupid story, stupid characters and a boring writing.Why would the author grunt like a 100 times on letting me know when the story starts Though I had my share of laughs, it still was way beyond a satire that one can enjoy.

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    Cyrus Broacha is my kind of guy and I love his sense of humour So when I stumbled upon 200 pages of uninhibited humour, I couldn t resist This book is a no brainer and a laugh riot.

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    It s fun to read, if you are looking Just to pass your time But you won t end up with a feeling of having learned something at the end of this book.

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    I agree this book has no story whatsoever The characters are basically too stupid to be believable as characters But I will still give it 4 stars The reason Because this book delivered exactly what it promised A spoof of a story I mean look at the back blurb It includes recommendations from Socrates and Napoleon Bonaparte If you r

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    Cyrus Broacha, supposedly one of India s original funny men, has tried to write a political satire I ve used the word tried because that is what it is A futile non sensical attempt at depicting what is an alleged portrait of Indian politics, he fails miserably at even trying to hold the reader s attention Yes, the word try again Its such a

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    I have humoured his inanity for the past two installments, merely as a microscopic step from me through making a purchasing decision to encourage comedic writing But this one just couldn t cut that thin strip of ice I had reserved for Indian comedic writing.

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