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Narrow Escape (Sonoma, #4) Download Narrow Escape Sonoma, 4 By Camy Tang Apasxolisi.eu Arissa Tiong And Her Three Year Old Niece Are Snatched Off The Street By Members Of A Notorious Drug Gang Having Lost Her Police Officer Brother To A Drug Bust Gone Bad, Arissa Knows The Danger She S In But She Has No Idea Why They Want Her Desperate To Protect The Little Girl, Arissa Escapes And Runs Straight To Nathan Fischer She Knows The Handsome, Weary Former Narcotics Cop Hasn T Told Her Everything About The Night That Ended Her Brother S Life And Nathan S Career But He S All That Stands Between Her And Dangerous Thugs Who Are After Something She Doesn T Even Know She Has.

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    This author was new to me and I loved her work I never did figure out who the bad guy was until he was revealed That was great, as one of the many reasons I read love inspired suspense books is to try to solve the puzzle I re...

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    Really enjoyable book I thought it was very high paced and exciting.

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    full of suspense a fun read for the holidays

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    Action from the first page I loved this one

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    Arissa Tiong woke up in a bit of a daze She and her brother s 3 yr old daughter, Charity, had been kidnapped She pulled the boards off a window of the run down house and then hid in with Charity in a vent hole She caused a distraction and the kidnappers thought they had gotten away when they were hiding in the room After they left

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    So you might think I m a little bias when reviewing Camy Tang novels but in all fairness, her writing really is good I love her storylines because I can relate to them and because I m from the Bay Area too.Narrow Escape is Camy Tang s 4th Love Inspired Suspense by Harlequin She continues with this fast paced thriller set in Sonoma, CA Meet

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    Arissa and her niece Charity are kidnapped in broad daylight When Arissa awakens she is able to get herself and Charity away from the kidnappers Hearing one of the kidnappers mention her brother s name Arissa knows there is only one person she can turn to for help Nathan is Arissa s brother Mark s former partner Nathan was wounded during the same gun

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    SUMMARY Arissa Tiong and her three year old niece are snatched off the street by members of a notorious drug gang Having lost her police officer brother to a drug bust gone bad, Arissa knows the danger she s in But she has no idea why they want her Desperate to protect the little girl, Arissa escapes and runs straight to Nathan Fischer She knows the handsome,

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    Camy Tang books are always favorites of mine Her characters are real people, peppered by the real problems we face as sinners trying to live right in a fallen world This is a great story of the grace available to us when we...

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    This high speed, suspense story will whisk you through the pages I d liken it to the intensity of a Bourne movie.

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