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An Incredibly Versatile Cooking Ingredient Containing An Abundance Of Vitamins, Minerals, And Possiblycancer Fighting Properties, Mushrooms Are Among The Most Expensive And Sought After Foods On Theplanet Yet When It Comes To Fungi, Culinary Uses Are Only The Tip Of The Iceberg Throughout History Fungus Has Been Prized For Its Diverse Properties Medicinal, Ecolog Mycophilia: Revelations from the Weird World of Mushrooms

About the Author: Eugenia Bone

Eugenia Bone, a veteran food writer who has published in many national magazines and newspapers, is also a cookbook author She has contributed to many cookbooks and a few literary journals, been nominated for a variety of food writing awards and participated in radio, interactive and online interviews, in addition to appearing multiple times on television Eugenia teaches and lectures about food preservation She lives in New York City and Crawford, Colo.

10 thoughts on “Mycophilia: Revelations from the Weird World of Mushrooms

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    I love the topic, but I wonder what the author was thinking when she made the book as much about her experience of getting into mushrooms as it was about mushrooms She includes so many topics and details I don t care about whether or not some attractive poetry writing MA student attended some party at a mushroom conference and leaves so many interesting things to footnotes the French mob is involved in mushroom poaching There have be

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    Eugenia Bone is, from what I understand, a food writer who got into mycology as an eater and ended up as the President of the New York Mycological Society She wrote this book to chronicle her exploits.For anyone who s studied mycology at all or even read a number of other pop mycology books

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    I ve heard some criticism of this book, but to me it creates a complete view of mushrooms from one woman s personal experience and perspective It may not be your own, and that s ok As a mushroom enthusiast not a scientist, not an expert, not a gatherer I found the book truly fascinating It gives a great base of knowledge in everything from history, to science, to culture, to future, to cooking I ll be going back through and re reading some

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    too populist for my liking, but above all voicing dangerously unscientific opinions.Eugenia Bone has written a book overflowing with enthusiasm for anything remotely related to fungi It is easy to get carried along by E.B s enthusiasm, although I found the book to be fundamentally flawed on some important issues Let us start with the positives, though I found two sections of the book interesting The scientific part about mushroom biology etc

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    For once I actually bothered to purchase a book and not just receive it free for review Sadly, I wasn t thrilled.What I expected out of this book was something muchscience or even mushroom oriented Unfortunately, that was only about 20% of the total book s content I put the breakdown at right about 20% Science, Cultivation and Habitat30% Personal anecdote and memoir30% Festivals, events and venues20% CookingIn summary, I guess I should have expe

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    I made it about 3 hrs into the audiobook and decided to return it The author makes way too many comments about the appearance of the people she encounters in the midwest, which has nothing to do with mushrooms and all to do with her looking down her nose at people and I really was turned off by it What little she covered in the first few chapters of the book about mushrooms was very basic and not terribly interesting I definitely enjoy memoirs or b

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    A fun and thorough introduction to the world of mushrooms I can tell a lot of research went into this book at the same time, as another reader voiced, I didn t really enjoy some of the unnecessary details Ex the snipe about the Asian woman holding up the mushroom hunt with a persistent little smile seemed rude and unneeded Still, a decent book to feed my love for mushrooms.

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    Dense at times, heavy on the science, but the author s voice also came through the writingwhich was sometimes good, sometimes bad Bone is a pretty bougie Manhattanite, but can at times be fairly down to Earth pun intended Although I m not planning to trip anytime soon, I admit that I found the chapter on psilocybin mushrooms most interesting, especially when Bone touches on the biochemistry neuroscience behind the perception of religious spiritual experi

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    Interesting but a bit too personalI enjoyed the book and feel I learned quite a bit from it about mushrooms, but I was quite put off by the overly sharey feel to the book I know this was written as a personal narrative, but the author can be quite snarky at times, which really was distasteful to me Her impressions of other people took away from the really good information in the book and disrupted the flow of the narrative I was left with an overall disagre

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    For anyone with a remote interest in mushrooms and the world of mushroom collectors, this book is for you Although I found it informative, interesting, and well written, I didn t connect to the author in any way she seemed proudly self centered at times , and that hindered me from truly enjoying the book as much as I could have Certainly worth reading

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