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My Holiday in North Korea: The Funniest/Worst Place on Earth Most People Want Out Of North Korea Wendy Simmons Wanted InIn My Holiday In North Korea The Funniest Worst Place On Earth, Wendy Shares A Glimpse Of North Korea As It S Never Been Seen Before Even Though It S The Scariest Place On Earth, Somehow Wendy Forgot To Check Her Sense Of Humor At The BorderBut Wendy S Initial Amusement And Bewilderment Soon Turned To Frustration And Growing Paranoia Before Long, She Learned The Essential Conundrum Of Tourism In North Korea Travel Is Truly A Love Affair But, Just Like Love, It S A Two Way Street And North Korea Deprives You Of All This They Want You To Fall In Love With The Singular Vision Of The Country They Re Willing To Show You And NothingThrough Poignant, Laugh Out Loud Essays And Color Photographs Of North Korea Rarely Published, Wendy Chronicles One Of The Strangest Vacations Ever Along The Way, She Bares All While Undergoing An Inner Journey As Convoluted As The Country Itself

10 thoughts on “My Holiday in North Korea: The Funniest/Worst Place on Earth

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    I found this book problematical in so many ways And I feel I can judge as I did very much the same trip the author did May 2015 , saw the places she did, had the same experiences and met the sa

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    The photographs were interesting except the horribly exploitative and insensitive one on the cover The rest of the book is self serving, insensitive trash The author herself came across terribly Her imma

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    I get it, North Korea is funny I mean, the hilarious stories practically write themselves when their leader declares war over a comedy movie and does things like seemingly declaring war on Poseidon because no one

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    See those reviews in which readers talk about how horrible this author is toward to the country, culture, and people of North Korea They re not wrong.This is definitely written by a white woman who can afford to travel the

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    What a dangerous, fascinating and unhappy place to visit.This American Imperialist found some of this story funny but mostly it was sad The people are so controlled, and manipulated that it broke my heart The brain washing of the peo

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    I m torn about this book On one hand, the fascinating subject matter and great photos made it a very quick read There is no shortage of weird situations and off balance conversations throughout the book, which hold a reader s attention nicely

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    DNF 5.7%, the introduction part.This author is not funny or a travel writer as she calls herself, though she tries so, so hard to be both It was painful to read her complaining about everything.Simmons seems to be using North Korea as a way to publish h

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    Visit North Korea Without Having to Go to North Korea I became fascinated by North Korea after reading Adam Johnson s Pulitzer Prize winning novel, The Orphan Master s Son Johnson painted a picture of North Korea that was so surreal it could easily have been like

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    North Korea is a fascinating, horrifying place The people there live under a regime like none other a combination of socialism and a theocracy revolving around their god like Dear Leaders past and present It s a place few outsiders will ever experience Wendy Simmons s trav

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    The author is like a compilation of American tourist stereotypes in a human suit Despite being wealthy enough to travel extensively for a living, she s apparently not wealthy enough to buy a book, because prior to visiting North Korea which she dubs NoKo for no reason she obviously

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