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Mostly Hypothetical Mountains Written In The Midst Of The Recordings Of Father John Misty S First LP Album Fear Fun, Mostly Hypothetical Mountains Is An Experimental Novella By Josh Tillman Never Published And Accessible Only In The Album S Broadsheets And Via Online Blog, It Is A Non Linear, Multi Format, Adventure Satire Attempting To Dismantle The Infrastructure Of Ownership, As Told By Several Quasi Fictional Unreliable Narrators.

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    The metaphysical concepts at large were well lubricated in a crypto comedic cholesterol agent that allowed them to pass through my arteries and into my heart After of course a succession of sexually suggestion jerking motions to jam the damned ideas in there.

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    Review of mostly hypothetical mountains Chapter 1 self indulgent, littered with obstruse language Some interesting social commentary, but difficult to make meaning of the overall story, and the language makes it hard to read.Chapter 2 intensely personal, somewhat glib, but still revealing and cutting Smart, well w

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    Imagine a pastry chef making a signature dessert Perfect rounds of crepe pancakes are layered one after the other with huge dollops of buttercream spread in between Crepe, cream, crepe, cream, crepe, cream, and so on What one gets at the end is a impressive tower that is mostly cream and little crepe That is all to say

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    I clearly have not done enough psychedelics for this to make a shred of sense.

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