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Morningstar (Morningstar, #1 & 2) In A Future Where The Human Race Struggles To Survive, The Only Elite Are The Hunters Putting Their Lives On The Line Every Night, To Defend Their Own Kind Against The Undead Predators But One Man Stands Above Them All Morningstar Can The Most Feared Vampire Hunter Find Solace And Passion In The Arms Of His Sworn Enemy, One Of The Undead In An Environment Of Oppressive Laws, Designed To Help The Human Race Survive A Massive Population Collapse, The Attraction Between Daniel And Scott Is Blazing And Instantaneousand Outlawed Their World Throws Tragedy In Their Path At Every Turn Battles Turn Lethal Impossible Choices Threaten To Tear Them Apart Can They Overcome Life And Death Hatred And Fear Can The Hunter Love The Hunted, And The Predator Love Its Prey Morningstar Death To Life Contains Both The Novel Morningstar And Its Sequel, Sanctuary.

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    In a world where supposedly intelligent computers have taken the responsibility to regulate the power grid the unbelievable happens a virus was planted into the computers and they started to shut down the entire power network No f

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    Morningstar by Jade FalconerDaniel is a vampires hunter he is little and cute, with long black hair and pale skin, and no one seeing him could believe he is the best vampires hunter of all But it is so Cause under his pretty look, he is dea

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    How to put is straight Well, using word straight will be blasphemy in reviewing of gay romance, but sometimes things are not that curved and must be view as straight Whatever The postcatastrophic world is always perfect place to set whatever author h

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    I read these books a couple of times it takes me like a day to read one book without stopping its just a good book I hope there is a 3rd one to come This book is extremely wonderful and i love this bo...

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    Thanks to the author for a good read This duology would have had five stars exceptvery repetitive in spots Otherwise nicely done I would like to see another story or two from this world The ending chapters of the second story Sanctuary seemed to leave a possibility for

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    Well, there was plenty of sex And a bit of sweet murmuring of love Oh, and a dash of violence But mostly there was sex.

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