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Mistakes to Run With A Devastatingly Frank Memoir That Tears Open The Past To Examine How Circumstances And The Choices We Make Dictate The People We Become Mistakes To Run With Chronicles The Turbulent Life Of Yasuko Thanh, From Early Childhood In The Closest Thing Victoria, BC, Has To A Slum To Teen Years As A Sex Worker And, Finally, To Her Emergence As An Award Winning Author As A Child, Thanh Embraced Evangelical Religion, Only To Rebel Against It And Her Equally Rigid Parents, Cutting Herself, Smoking, And Shoplifting At Fifteen, The Honour Roll Runaway Develops A Taste For Drugs And Alcohol After A Stint In Jail At Sixteen, Feeling Utterly Abandoned By Her Family, School, And Society, Thanh Meets The Man Who Would Become Her Pimp And Falls In LoveThe Next Chapter Of Her Life Takes Thanh To The Streets Of Vancouver, Where She Endures Beatings, Arrests, Crack Cocaine, And An Unwanted Pregnancy The Act Of Writing Ultimately Becomes A Solace From Her Suffering Leaving The Sex Trade, But Refusing To Settle On Any One Thing, Thanh Forges A New Life For Herself, From Dealing Drugs In Four Languages To Motherhood And A Complicated Marriage, And Emerges As A Successful WriterBut Even As Publication And Awards Bolster Her, She Remains Haunted By Her Past

About the Author: Yasuko Thanh

Yasuko Thanh s work has appeared in numerous publications, including Prairie Fire, Descant, PRISM international, and Vancouver Review The title story, Floating Like the Dead, won the prestigious Writers Trust of Canada McClelland Stewart Journey Prize in 2009 She was a finalist for the Future Generations Millennium Prize, the Hudson Prize, and the David Adams Richards Prize, which recognizes unpublished manuscripts She recently received her MFA from the University of Victoria She has lived in Mexico, Germany, and Latin America, and now lives in Victoria.

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    At the age of seventeen I was convinced of the righteousness of my behaviour, which showed what a person could do when not intimidated I ate lobster, I drove a Camaro I wasn t a victim We smiled from the curb at the men who drove around the block, waved, beckoned with our index fingers, manufacturing a sweetness for even the circle jerks who ogled our flesh

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    I hate to use the word harrowing and I feel like it could fit with Yasuko s account of her life, but I feel like it s not the right word The definition of harrowing is acutely distressing and Mistakes to Run with is completely distressing but at the same time, it s kind of like, there s this sense that. she chose all of this Which, for the reader, makes it feel li

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    I don t often review books, but I have to say that I thoroughly disliked this memoir.The author s journey from an academic and athletic wunderkind, to a teenage crack ho her words, not mine within a couple of years, and coming out on the other end as an accomplished author, loving mother, and resilient woman was hardly the harrowing tale it s being marketed as It didn t

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    Yasuko Thanh spent years writing with a passion before returning to school as a mature student to study creative writing, and bursting onto the Canadian literary scene with well reviewed short stories and a novel Articles referred to her having lived on the streets and worked as a busker However, her background was actually less breezily eclectic, as seen in her memoir, which

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    The emotion of Mistakes To Run With is disarming You digest Thanh s concise sentences in gulps, only to realize they are pungent Like desiccated bees perhaps You are pulled along and yet pull away, shocked with each chapter and turn of her story I am amazed at her survival, her resilience, her suffering, and her raw strength Mistakes is an incredible story of a challenging and full

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    Brutally honest is a time honoured clich when talking about memoirs, but this book earns all of the times I m sure it will be used Brutally inspiring might be an evenapt turn of phrase Yasuko Thanh s raw prose and unflinching examination of her mistake filled path through life are sometimes as difficult to read about as they are admirable We ve all made mistakes in our lives what makes t

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    A balance of striking realistic grounding details of a high school runaway s early life as a sex worker and eventually a mother s account of becoming an author and dealing with mental illness I always enjoy a book that subverts the usual ideas and prejudices many of us have towards certain ways of life She wove beautiful motif and metaphor all throughout Devoured this in three days

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    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here It s an interesting enough read, I think, for those that can relate to a troubling, yet not excessively abusive childhood Torturous thinking turned mental illness, drug abuse, bad relationships, disregard for one s body The story ends abruptly with something like Oh and then I saw a therapist and went to university where

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    A really beautiful and poignant memoir about growing up in a loveless family, struggling with childhood depression and living on the streets Thanh is great with description, and in her honesty I could not put this book down I found it very arresting and gripping I wish the best for Suko and for her mental health.

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    As an avid reader of the memoir genre, I ve come to expect a carefully crafted arc in the storytelling, which I did not feel in reading this book I wanted to like it, especially as it s written by a local author, and by someone who managed to harness reading and writing as a way to leave a life as a sex trade worker However,I honestly feel that this book needed significant editing of detail or perhaps, acareful

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