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Mine to Take (Nine Circles, #1) PDF Mine To Take Nine Circles, 1 Jackie Ashenden Capitalsoftworks.co.uk First In A Brand New Series Featuring The Members Of The Nine Circles Club Friends Bound Together By Power, Secrets, Need And The Love They Will Find And Stop At Nothing To Keep Passion Always Comes At A Price.Gabriel Woolf Is Unstoppable A Ruthless Businessman, He Has Perfected The Art Of Revenge Ever Since His Mother S Death, Gabriel Has Harbored Only One Wish To Take Down The Man Who Ruined Their Lives But All Bets Are Off When He Meets His Father S Step Daughter, Honor St James Beautiful And Innocent, She Is Everything Gabriel Never Knew He Wanted And Now There S No Turning BackIs Her Desire Worth The Risk Honor Wasn T Born Yesterday She Knows That Gabriel Is A Wolf In Sheep S Clothing, Willing To Cross Any Line To Get What He Wants Herself Included But Gabriel S Passion For Honor In Spite Of Her Connection To The Man He Hates The Most Cannot Be Denied And The Feeling Is Utterly Mutual Can Gabriel Be Trusted The Only Thing She Knows For Sure Is How He Makes Her Feel And She Can T Keep Herself From Coming Back To Him, Over And Over Again

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    2.5 I ve decided on vengeance Stars.For the most part I usually really enjoy Jackie Ashenden s books, and although I didn t really dislike Mine to Take what let it down for me, and the reason for my low rating is the fact that it was such a long book with large amounts of time where nothing of any consequence really happens The action

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    Honor and Gabriel s story was a good read overall.Gabriel is one of the f ed up billionaires in Nine circles Apart from his business, he runs an underground mafia club.When his mother passes away from cancer, he discovers he was product of rape and vows revenge which ultimately leads him to Honor the rapists stepdaughter.Honor is working hard to

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    Gabriel wants justice It s the one thing that has kept him moving forward The only way to get that justices is to go through Honor She might have the answers that will allow him to take down the man he s been gunning for The man that he thinks is the cause of it all, the same man that is Honor s step dad When Honor is trying to find investors for her step

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    This is one hypnotizing intense read This is about Gabriel,a powerful head of a construction company and his quest for justice on behalf of his mother who recently passed away from cancer He is consumed with bringing down the one man who he thinks is responsible for everything horrible he and his mother went through in the past He doesn t care who he hurts in the p

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    Review copy courtesy of the publisher via NetGalley.I wasn t sure what to expect with this novel I read the blurb and thought, Love and revenge How could I go wrong This wasn t an awful book but I really didn t care for it at all.Honor was the heroine and quite simply, I didn t find that I liked anything about her She wasn t bad or an awful person or anything She was just, s

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    I kinda felt meh the whole way through this book Nothing to draw me in, nothing that made me feel that I HAD to keep reading Until the ending Then I wanted to immediately read the next one But man it was a long read with nothing happening.

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    I m going to divide this review into the good, the bad, and the ugly.First, the good Gabriel has been dead set on revenge for most of his life until he finds himself involved with his mark s step daughter, Honor I loved the way these two bantered back and forth in the beginning, and how she shoveled his patronizing bullshit right back at himBecause I m not a nice man, sweetheart Sweetheart Oh,

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    Gabriel is determined to get justice for his mother by ruining the man who raped her To that end, he maneuvers himself into position to use Honor, the daughter of the man he holds responsible Then, angsty romance happens.The Good, The Bad and Everything In Between Intriguing setup for this billionaire s club I like the Nine Circles club, and the relationships between its members was interesting from the

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    WellWhen I started on this book, I didn t think I d like it I only read it because Goodreads suggested I read Make You Mine which is the second book of this series and I needed context Another reason I thought I wouldn t like it is because I m tired of Billionaire stories How many billionaires can exist in the world And how can 4 of them know each other How can one reach billionaire status after being a president

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    I took a chance by paying the crazy price of 7.59 for this book and it totally wasn t worth it This book just screams, I needdialogue So much time is spent in the characters minds , the book became boring Gabe and Honor have zero personality I wasn t able to bond with these characters at all I can t even picture what Gabe looks like Spoilers ahead SPOILERSThe investigator part was a hug...

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