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Mark of the Lion: The Story of Capt. Charles Upham, V.C. and Bar Charles Upham Was The Great New Zealand War Hero He Was One Of The Few People In History To Have Won The Victoria Cross Twice, Setting New Standards Of Personal Heroism During World War II

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    Leaving alone for a moment the facts of Charles Upham, the only combat solider to be awarded two Victoria Crosses, this book is very well written There is no unnecessary fawning, it is well paced and it quotes other publications or people

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    This is one of the best biographies I have read and a truly inspirational read Charles Upham was truly a remarkable man, not just for earning two Victoria Crosses during combat in World War 2, but also by the fine leadership examples he set and the

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    Why is this not a movie

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    A Reluctant HeroCharles Upham was small in stature and rather shy and retiring by nature, but he also had an inbuilt hatred of injustice and wrongness Whenever he encountered anything wrong or unjust, he became a passionate force of nature and could wither bullies with

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    A fascinating tale of a fascinating man Some of the stories are so seemingly incredulous, that one can scarcely believe they are real If you were watching a movie with this plot, you would laugh it off as a Hollywood bravado ala Ethan Hunt, Jason Bourne, John Wick You would thin

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    An amazing book why the library in the city he comes from only has one copy that can be taken out I asked a local book shop you can still buy it I can only say what a hero.

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    Reads somewhat like a Boys Own adventure but in this case the almost superhuman heroism is all true.

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    Great book, incredible true story

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    An outstanding man and outstanding events

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    great book amazing guy couldn t put it down

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