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Mandy The Magic Of Finding A Home Mandy, A Ten Year Old Orphan, Dreams Of A Place To Call Her Own Escaping Over The Orphanage Wall To Explore The Outside World, Mandy Discovers A Tiny Deserted Cottage In The Woods All Through The Spring, Summer, And Fall, Mandy Works To Make It Truly Hers Sometimes She Borrows Things She Needs From The Orphanage Sometimes, To Guard Her Secret, She Even Lies Then, One Stormy Night At The Cottage, Mandy Gets Sick, And No One Knows How To Find Her Except A Special Friend She Didn T Know She Had

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    This was one of my favorite books when I was younger, and I JUST FIGURED OUT THAT IT WAS WRITTEN BY JULIE ANDREWS

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    As of ten minutes ago I finished this book by Julie Andrews Even though I work in a book store I came across this title in a back door sort of way A couple of months ago I was boasting to my friend that I have a really good success rate with finding books for customers when there is almos

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    I wish I could give it 10 stars This is one of the most warm, comforting, emotionally moving stories for kids and if you are smart to toss aside meaningless labels, for adults as well.Mandy is 10 years old and something of a loner at the orphanage where she has lived most of her life The Matron and

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    Julie Andrews Edwards of Mary Poppins fame grew up to be an author Who would have thought This charming, lovely tale is very reminiscent of The Little Princess or The Secret Garden Mandy, an orphan, one day peeks over the orphanage wall to discover a seemingly abandoned cottage and is soon embarking on an ad

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    I bought and read this book because I m a huge Julie Andrews fan I also love orphan stories I ve even designated a Goodreads shelf for orphan books Anyway, this one really touched my heart and it s a really well written and interesting story Deserves to be a classic.

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    Mandy lives in an orphanage It is a nice place but Mandy longs for a place of her own This book has a slow pace and lots of details of nature and the seasons Mandy finds an abandoned cottage and makes it her own We liked this book but it was completely predictable We would have enjoyed itif the orphanage had been a horrible pla

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    This book was one of my all time favorites as a kid I loved the romance of finding a cottage, cleaning it up, and calling it my own It affected me enough that I named my own daughter Amanda and she prefers Mandy I have an elderly friend that was a hoarder When I was trying to sort through her stuff, I d try to imagine I was living the st

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    I read this long ago as a child and decided it was high time for a reread as my memories of it are so fond It is a sweet, heartfelt tale of a little orphan girl who is looking for a place of her own But what she really wants of course is a family of her own It captured my imagination as a child and delighted me as an adult I really enjoyed reading

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    Mandy, a ten year old orphan, has lived all her life in the large St Martins Orphanage run by Matron Birdie While she has many friends and is happy at the orphanage, she can t help but wonder what else is out there, especially what is over the stone wall at the back of the orphanage s orchard Upon climbing the wall, Mandy discovers a cottage and a whole wor

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    It s one of the best books I ve ever read And it seems evenexciting because my mom already had read it to me once It s about a little girl, 10 years old, like me except she s an orphan and she wants something of her own She finds a little cottage in the woods and makes it her own but no one knows about it At the end something very exciting happens, but I m not going

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