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Man with the Muscle (The Precinct: SWAT #1; The Precinct #13) Society Princess Meets Streetwise ProtectorAssistant District Attorney Audrey Kline Has Privilege At Her Feet Until Her Latest Courtroom Battle Brings Danger To Her Door Her Quest To Convict A Cold Blooded Gang Leader Makes Her A Target The Threats Point To Something Beyond Gang Revengelike The Work Of A Serial Stalker.It Takes A Man With Extraordinary Instincts And Skill To Guard Audrey From An Elusive Killer, And SWAT Member Alex Taylor Fits The Bill He S Survived The Gritty City Streets And Refuses To Let The Captivating, Determined Woman Out Of His Protectionor Under His Skin But To Rescue Her From Evil, He Must Be Willing To Confront Anything Including The Powerful Passion That Binds Them.

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    This is a good 3.5 I ll definitely read the next one I ve liked all of this series They keep the same bad dude for a few books of the series, which seems a littlerealisitc to me I love to read series but hate when it s a different bad guy each book and I m thi

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    I loved this book for a lot of reasons.I loved that something about this book was different from the usual cliched premises I m often graced with when I open a book Julie Miller is very good at defying the normals and writing books that go outside of the stereotypes.Let

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    i chose 5 star i read the book in less than 4 hr and it was kind you can not put down and i in joyed it a lot of t he book i think i hve read some of the other and will try to find them the body guard did hisjob and he put his life for the people he took care of the lawyer and th

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    I love these books and I always seem to choose the right ones to read even if I do read them out of order so to speak , I thought the plot and story line felt like a perfect story that would play out in a real cop show or a law and order feel to it In all I wi...

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    Alex and Audrey were an enjoyable couple view spoiler Though I look forward to seeing what happens next with the Rich Girl Killer, I thought the link between it and the BBB Gang was tentative at best I just don t see how those paths would cross legitimately hide spoiler

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    The love story between Alex Audrey was good, but I did NOT care at all for the lack of resolution in regards to The Rich Girl Killer Had there been resolution to that part of the story, I would ve rated this book w 3 or 4 stars.

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    This was such a good book I loved it And can t wait to read Nanny 911 next and finish this series.

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    Miniseries Bodyguard of the Month

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    Start of a fab series of books

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    Looking forward to reading this first book in Julie s brand new series Julie never disappoints me.

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