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Man of Her Match Sakshama is one of my favorite authors fromacross the border and I just can t miss any of her books Her writing style is sassy and her stories are so relatable I fell in love with her first book the wedding photographer and was anxiously awaiting for her next book and she totally blew me away yet again with her gorgeous descriptives , spot on dialogue, brilliant characters and storyline I finished the book in a matter of hours with such a wonderful plot and writing made it impossible to put it down The protagonists are great and their romance even greater There is something warm , sweet and fuzzy about childhood romances and sweethearts and Sakshama has captured it so perfectly in this book from the innocence of childhood bonding to the complications when one reaches adulthood I had fell in love with Vikram and Nidhi characters in the previous story The wedding photographer and absolutely fell in love with them in this story Vikram character was so multifaceted and multi dimensional that there was no way you couldn t fall for him and Nidhi had a everyday normal girl feel you could see yourself in her and connect to her and identify with her dilemmas This book was a beautifu I ve read The Wedding Photographer by Sakshama as well, and loved it so much, I was eagerly awaiting this book Trust me, it is no less The same wit, quirk, emotions and sharp observations, though in an entirely new setting I loved how characters from her previous book were interspersed here, and seemed no diffe Kicked Off The Team For A Series Of Misdemeanours, Indian Cricket S Bad Boy Vikram Walia Finally Has A Chance At Redemption The Only Problem It Involves Collaborating With His Childhood Best Friend Turned Sworn Enemy, Nidhi Marwah.Once A Tomboy, Now A Gorgeous, Self Assured Marketing Professional, Nidhi Must Put Aside Her Personal Dislike Of Vikram And Leverage His Unparalleled Fame And Poster Boy Good Looks For Her Latest Campaign.But The Ensuing Battle Of Sardonic Jibes And Veiled Slurs Only Heightens Their Blazing Chemistry Soon Memories Of Their Past Fill Their Present, Pulling Them Back To That Fateful Day When A Heartless Act Destroyed Their Friendship.Can Vikram And Nidhi Put Their Stormy History Behind Them Will Their Partnership Have A Second Innings This book was definitely a fun read It was a complex, layered book filled with relationships that seemed dysfunctional or aloof yet connected together in threads and had strong bonds with each other which diminished over time or due to lack of proper communication amongst themselves I like the character of the protagonist Nidhi who is trying to create her career yet is going through personal upheaval on meeting Vikram after twelve years There are multiple emotions that Nidhi goes through yet she holds on to her personality which is strong until she breaks down and shows her vulnerable side as well The urban context and setting makes it relatable The strong bond of friendship between Risha, Tanvi and Nidhi despite their diverse personalities makes it even relatable, most of us have those 1 2 friends who know everything about our lives yet do not know all about our lives and our experiences in childhood I could not put this book down and was excited seeing this after reading The Wedding Photographer I would not classify this as a chick flick, there is much to the book and the layered characters and their weaknesses a I finished it within 24 hours It is un put down able, light, humorous, witty and romantic read It made me weep at page 190 and grin furiously at page 250 Loved Dhariwal s writing style, i could detect the cheesiness of a Devoured this crickety romance real quick It s an easy breezy, quirky read with affable characters I loved the raffish, scintillating chemistry between the lead characters Vikram and Nidhi The fact that this book was about childhood sweethearts falling for each other at a later point in life made it appealing to me Sakshama is not only a fabulous writer but a beautiful person inside out I am looking out for her upcoming book Meanwhile, let me get hands on her debut novel I wish Such a breezy read sigh AS SEEN ON A THOUSAND WORDS A MILLION BOOKSI received a review copy from Penguin Random House India in exchange for an honest review All thoughts and opinions are entirely my ownShort and Sweet Man of her Match is the COMPLETE package filled with romance, sass, great friends and chemistry filled moments that will have you smiling, swooning and waiting for your own Vikramaditya Singh Walia.Let s be honest even though I m Indian, I haven t read books from many Indian Authors I have some authors on my Auto Buy list Anuja Chauhan, Nikita Deshpande and Sukanya Venkataraghavan but you ll rarely catch me a book other from these three authors in my hands.I d heard about Sakshama s debut novel, The Wedding Photographer, when it released but for some reason, I never got around to reading it It sounded swoony and perfect but now, I m SO GLAD that I got the chance to read her sopho novel, Man of her Match.Let s break it down IDEA I got sucked into this book because of the A quickfire read, bringing a crickety and newsy twist to the familiar rom com genre Bad boy cricketer rediscovers good girl marketer, who was also his childhood friend and sparks fly You know the girl and boy 2.75 stars rounded up This was fairly middling book I must admit I was eager to read this book after reading the reviews and checking out the ratings here and in and was disappointed that it didn t match that expectationsThe author s writing style contains liberal use of regional language, not that there s anything wrong with it but otherwise I had zero problems with her style of writing The chemistry between the leads was great, the girl camaraderie was enjoyable but my problem was with the storyline The so called history past incident that transpired when the leads were barely teenagers felt serious beyond age I do not know of any normal teenagers who discuss aspects of love of their lives with the girl s father and the father taking them seriously and trying to keep them apart with a flimsy excuse It was filmy and unbelievable If i were their dad, I would have told them to focus on their studies and career and told them to worry about other stuff later This aspect for me derailed the remaining book because the whole meet up in their adult life is overshadowed by this incident in the past And for a book with a cricketer, I was looking forward to one match or something around it and there was nothing So we have a bad boy cricketer who

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