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Male Chastity Keyholder Guide There Is A Lot Of Variety In The World Of Fetish And Kink, With Limitless Possibilities For Creativity In Sensual Play Many People Unfamiliar With This Lifestyle Immediately Focus On The Obvious Or Superficial Aspects, Like Honorific Nicknames Or Corsets And Leather Boots But For People Who Participate In Fetishes As A Lifestyle, The Practices And Games Are An Essential Part Of Their Relationship, With Its Own Set Of Rules And Standards One Particularly Interesting Subculture Within The World Of Kink Is That Of The Female Keyholder And Her Chastised Male SubordinateThe Phrase Male Chastity Probably Immediate Spooks Some Men, Or Excites Others Whether They Are Willing To Admit It Or Not Either Attitude Is Amusing To The Sophisticated Woman With A Predilection For Domination And Control For Submissive Men, There Are Many Benefits To A Male Chastity Arrangement The Calculating Domme Will Use All Of Her Feminine Charms To Her Advantage, Establishing A System Of Rules Meant To Keep Her Man Under Lock And Key Literally The Popularity Of Male Chastity Devices Has Soared In Recent Years, And Although This Be Taboo, It S Something Many People Talk About Behind Closed Doors Conveniently Hidden Under Clothes, Male Chastity Devices Provide Necessary Restriction For The Man And Allowing His Dominant Complete Control Over His Orgasms These Devices Are A Valuable Tool For The Modern Dominant Woman, And Excellent For Contemporary Tease And Denial Games Exploring Male Chastity Can Be A Fun New Game For Adventurous Couples, Or A Complete Long Term Lifestyle For Kinky Pairs Whatever The Relationship Type, Employing A Male Chastity Device Sends A Clear Message He S On Lockdown, And She Holds The Key

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