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Lourdes: Body and Spirit in the Secular Age (Compass) In Near The Tiny French Town Of Lourdes, A Young Peasant Girl Named Bernadette Soubirous Witnessed The Virgin Mary In A Grotto Since Then Lourdes Has Become The Most Visited Shrine In The World, Hosting Nearly Five Million Pilgrims Each Year Historian Ruth Harris Traces This Shrine S Incredible Development, Placing Lourdes At The Center Of Nineteenth Century Debates On Religion, Science, And Medicine That Still Continue Today She Examines The Pivotal Role Of Women And Children As Visionaries, Devotees, And Advocates, Addressing Issues Of Mysticism And Nonorthodox Faith That Speak To Our Own Era Of Spirituality Above All, She Explores How, At A Moment In French History When The Catholic Church Was Under Attack, This Place Of Pilgrimage Improbably Prospered

About the Author: Ruth Harris

Dr Ruth Harris is a Lecturer in History at Oxford University Librarian Note There isthan one author in the GoodReads database with this name.

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    Ms Harris tells the story of the wonderous events in the small town of Lourdes, and relates them to the history of France in the second half of the 19th Century Her approach is to tell the story of the events through the lives of the people involved To do so she quotes from letters and diaries as well as official records In order to write in such depth, she must have read everything ever wr

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    Fascinating and well written Harris is an agnostic Jew interesting factoid Franz Werfel, who wrote The Song of Bernadette was also Jewish , and is a Fellow of New College, Oxford She flatly states that it is not possible to decide if Bernadette Soubirous actually saw the Virgin Mary at what became the pilgrimage center However, she is drawn to the young girl and her experience, particularly a

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    Salut les Francais Vous devez absolument lire ce livre qui demontre clairement que les historiens anglophones comprenent mieux l histoire de la France que les historiens francais Le cote positive du medaille, c est que les anglais semblent mieux aimer la France que vos propres erudits.Mme Harris est une juive mecreente qui approuve entierement le phenomene Lourdes Elle pose la question A quoi s

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    Harris also puts Lourdes in the context of French political history, and notes how pilgrimages increased after France s defeat in the Franco Prussian war of 1870 71 Now people came to the shrine not just to pray for themselves, but for their nation as a whole The number of sick people making the pilgrimage increased once the trains began traveling to Lourdes The easier it was to make the journey,

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    Ruth Harris started off as a sceptic about the miracles of Lourdes but she brings out the constancy of Bernadette s witness in the face of enormous pressure Harris describes the political and social context and brings out some disturbing links between Catholicism and anti semitism.Well written and very informative.

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    I did not give up on this though I was tempted now and then The narrative puts the happenings at Lourdes into the religious and political context of 19th century France and maybe that cast the net a bit wider than I had expected Sturdy and thorough, yet it never crossed the threshold into an enjoyable read for me.

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    Okay, so I had to read this for grad school but I was really moved by it Recommended for the formerly Catholic or those bemused by religious fervor in modern society

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    An impressively thorough and unbiased work.

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    I was specifically interested in the pre Christian folklore of the region, especially in relation to the connection between existing animistic customs and fairies.The second half of the book is quite dry but less of an interest to me.

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    An interesting socio political historical account to the famous Marian Shrine.

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