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Lessons from a Latin Lover (Harlequin Presents, No. 2467)(Pelican Cay) You Want Me To WhatWealthy Jet Setter Joaquin Santiago Can T Believe His Ears He S Flown To The Tranquil Island Of Pelican Cay To Escape From Screaming Hordes Of Adoring Women And Now The Most Unlikely Candidate Has Asked Him To Teach Her How To Seduce A Man Molly McGillivray Doesn T Want Joaquin Toshe Needs Him To Molly Just Isn T A Girly Girl But She Thinks It S Time To Get Married And Who Better Than Sexy Spaniard Joaquin To Teach Her How To Become A Mistress In The Art Of Love

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    Last book of Pelican Cay series this is the story of Molly and Joaquin.Molly needs help and fast She wants a family and kids of her own But her long time fianc is out there conquering the world All she has to do is convince him it s time to set a wedding date And the best way to do that is to to seduce him Easy Not really Not when she has always been a

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    I did like this one, although I liked Hugh and Sydney s book a little It was interesting that Molly had been engaged to Carson so long since they were young teens , and now she was ready to move their relationship to the next level, but worried that their relationship didn t have passion because she was a tomboy She recruits Joaquin, a Spanish footballer s

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    Molly McGillivray has been engaged to Carson Sawyer for nearly 17 years, and they still haven t had sex nor set a date for their wedding Deciding it was time to learn how to seduce her fiancee and finally get him excited about their future together, Molly asks Joaquin Santiago, ex soccer player and rakish playboy, for some lessons on seduction Joaquin, who is st

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    This book has a nicely different setting the island of Pelican Cay Anne McAllister is great at putting across this location and it almost becomes a supporting character in the story The theme of seduction runs strongly throughout the book and as such it feels very erotic the descriptions of kissing in particular are very effective and romantic The two central charact

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    this was fun, a tomboy seeking the services of a playboy in the aim of seduction of a longtime friend than a boyfriend i thought molly was awfully naive and immature in her plans of marriage to carson the man was clearly not interested in her while joaquin did notice her once and asked her to dance she still did not get the point joaquin was a b...

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    Pelican bay You want me to what Wealthy jet setter Joaquin Santiago can t believe his ears He s flown to the tranquil island of Pelican Cay to escape from screaming hordes of adoring women And now the most unlikely candidate has asked him to teach her how to...

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    3rd in Blogger Bundle 2 Delightfully cute Pygmalion esque story with a tomboy and Spanish footballer in a tropical setting We get to read Joaquin s point of view in addition to Molly s, which I like.

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    I would have given this an extra star as it was good all the way through until the ludicrous ending The last two pages spoiled the book.

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    Romantiche lezioni in italiano compreso nell antologia Tormenti d a fa parte della serie Pelican Cay libro 5 Fratelli McGilliwray

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