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Der Abentheuerliche Simplicissimus Teutsch Rereading this after many years is like encountering a massive rewrite When I first struggled through it in German class, I knew the general facts of the Thirty Years War, but as usual, from the top the various Kings, Battles, Generals, Princes and Prelates involved.Grimmelshausen gives us a peasant s eye view of the war One can see how German culture was being shaped by this disastrous war stretching out over a couple of generations Simplicius s story begins with his ignorant childhood in the forest, when soldiers come and rape his mother, sister, and the milkmaid, and kill his father, slaughter all their animals, and burn down their house The milkmaid staggers out of the barn, all disheveled, and tells the boy to run The story is bawdy, gross, funny, harrowing, inspiring, instructive, ruminative, and gross by turns Always sharply insightful, it demonstrates human habits and views that we share today and then it steps sideways and gives us a glimpse into manners and views that seem quite alien.We also get plenty of advice, like on how best to get lice out of your clothes bake them and the etiquette of male servants picking fleas off their boss s wife We get a closer look at banquets of the so called great, and life at all levels Also, how armies were organized, trained, and run.Think of this book as a mini series running for a This is one of the ancient books in the 1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die that I really liked Originally written in German and published in 1668 by German author Hans Jakob Christoffel von Grimmelshausen 1671 1676 , the autobiographical book is considered as the first adventure novel in the German language and greatest German novel of the 17th century Its backdrop is the Thirty Years War 1618 1648 that was said to be the longest and the most destructive conflict in European history It was also one of the longest continuous wars in modern history The original issue in this war was the conflict between Protestants and Roman Catholics in the Holy Roman Empire However, it spread throughout Europe with other issues involved and with Germany being the most devastated in the end.The story is about a boy baptized by a hermit this name Simplicius Simplicissimus because the hermit thinks that he is simple minded Simplicius is 11 y o at the start of the story, an orphan and a witness of the murder of his loved ones in the hands of bandits EPUB Der Abentheuerliche Simplicissimus Teutsch Author Hans Jakob Christoffel Von Grimmelshausen Wgf2011.eu Dal 1669 A Oggi, L Avventuroso Simplicissimus Stato Oggetto, Oltre Che Di Letture Appassionate, Di Innumerevoli Studi Filosofici E Letterari Vi Si Narrano Le Bizzarre Peripezie Di Simplicius, Sorta Di Teutonico Picaro In Balia Di Un Destino Maligno Nell Europa Feroce Della Guerra Dei Trent Anni Ben Lontana Dalla Tradizionale Immagine Del Libro Popolare Scritto Da Un Ingenuo Poeta Contadino, La Moderna Analisi Critica Ci Restituisce La Figura Di Un Grimmelshausen Colto, Acuto Osservatore Della Societ Sulla Quale Esercita La Sua Formidabile Arma Satirica Quadri Allegorici, Visioni E Utopie Si Intrecciano A Facezie, Superstizioni, Contemptus Mundi In Un Affresco Grottesco Di Straordinario Vigore E Attualit , Che Fa Del Simplicissimus Un Opera Capitale Del Barocco Tedesco. A lad is given a set of bagpipes, and the way he plays them would kill a wolf if it had musical taste , and is sent out to mind the sheep In hindsight, the narrator thinks, wasn t this the best upbringing parents could give a child, seeing as King David also started out in life as a shepherd So begin the adventures of Simplicissimus, an early novel written in the seventeenth century, set during the thirty years war which soon sweeps up the narrator and carries him into the conflict Catholic or Protestant seem to be much the same, occasionally organised banditry rather than grand strategy or big battles is what we see as Simplicissimus grows up.It has a certain type of humour, as in the men who realise that their hangovers prove how far the German nation has degenerated since clearly their grandsires could drink all night and have a clear head the next morning, but also a certain degree of darkness as when the same men realise it might be fun to trick the young Simplicissimus that he has died and been reborn as a cow by getting the boy blind drunk and then stitching him up inside the skin of a calf.As a The first German novel is a lacerating Sturm und Drang picaresque, a rambling war scorched epic with a pious vagabond anti hero, a wisecracking wanderer schlepping the murderous wastelands of the Thirty Years War The first novel to use sardonic humour in the face of human barbarity, setting the stage for later imitators Hasek and co., this translation renders the 17thC German patois into a mix of modern Cockney and nonspecific English slang This mix of slang and formal English prose I and my friends , etc can render the translation awkward at times, and the shower of clich d phrases that appear might be attributable to the novel s age, rather than the translator s sloppiness Whatever, the novel builds to a misanthropic crescendo rarely bettered in any . In this 17th century picaresque novel Von Grimmelshausen presents the horrors of war through the eyes of a rural simpleton, who witnesses all the cruelties and evils that humans can inflict on one another without understanding them I don t remember whose tran p 1668 1618 1648 17 , 10 ,. Sometimes described as the first great German novel, Simplicissimus is a big, flatulent, romping picaresque that careens its way across the patchwork of German states at the height of the Thirty Years War In its mixture of realist war commentary, knockabout scatology, and magic realist flights of fancy, it comes across as something like Rabelais meets Goya s Disasters of War.Our eponymous hero nicknamed for his na vet is born in the Spessart, and grows up in a little farming hamlet which is unfortunate enough to be in the path of some marauding soldiers, who promptly kill the men in a variety of inventive ways before raping the women Simplicissimus, as a child, is spared long enough to escape to live wild in the forest The harsh naturalism of these early scenes, and others like them throughout the book, is still genuinely shocking, and has a documentary interest much of it is thought to be autobiographical From there, our ingenuous hero travels up to Westphalia and down to the Breisgau, with excursions to France, Switzerland, and the centre of the earth, fighting at various times on both sides of the conflict.Like many picaresque novels, Simplicissimus presents the world as a place of endless opportunity, novelty and adventure and yet the wartime realities give it a grounding in real life, and a consequent seriousness, that I find somewhat missing in, say, its famous contempo

About the Author: Hans Jakob Christoffel von Grimmelshausen

Grimmelshausen was born at Gelnhausen At the age of ten he was kidnapped by Hessian soldiery, and in their midst tasted the adventures of military life in the Thirty Years War At its close, Grimmelshausen entered the service of Franz Egon von F rstenberg, bishop in Stra burg and in 1665 was made Schultheiss magistrate at Renchen in Baden.On obtaining this appointment, he devoted himself to li

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