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La duquesa de Marlborough (The Glitter and the Gold) Madrid Cm P Encuadernaci N En Tapa Blanda De Editorial Ilustrada Colecci N Cuadernos De Memoria Vanderbilt Balsan, Consuelo De La Traducci N, Mar A Jos Delgado T Tulo Original The Glitter And The Gold Este Libro Es De Segunda Mano Y Tiene O Puede Tener Marcas Y Se Ales De Su Anterior Propietario ISBN

About the Author: Consuelo Vanderbilt Balsan

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the La duquesa de Marlborough (The Glitter and the Gold) book, this is one of the most wanted Consuelo Vanderbilt Balsan author readers around the world.

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    Oh, poor little Consuelo When reading this book, I didn t know if I should throw it against the wall, or simply muddle through to see if there were any redeeming qualities about poor little rich girl Alas, I found none Self absorbed, she pats herself on the back for dividing the food in the tins given to the poor Others

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    This was a fascinating look at how the 1% lived at the turn of the twentieth century, including an interesting description of Winston Churchill as a young man.Consuelo Vanderbilt Balsan was the American born wife of the 9th Duke of Marlborough She was a member of the immensely rich Vanderbilt family and her cruel and ambitious m

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    I m a tad confused In other books, I ve read how absolutely miserable consuelo s marriage was, but there is no mud racking in this autobiography Amazing how within a couple of generations spurned ex wives would so willingly spill their dirty laundry for all the works to read

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    I ve seen this book and its author take some rather harsh, and I believe unwarranted, criticism Granted, I have a particular interest in the history of the Vanderbilts and this is the fourth or fifth book I ve read involving their legacy, so I was already familiar with some of what Mrs Balsan relates here However, referring to her as snobbish sim

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    Consuelo Vanderbilt had an amazing life The Glitter and the Gold gives a look into the days of one of the most famous women of American and English turn of the century aristocracy Even though she grew up in some of the most famous houses on Fifth Avenue, Newport RI and England, her childhood was a sad one She had the misfortune of having Alva Vanderbilt a

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    Very readable and Consuelo is imminently likable.The idle rich, creating so much poverty and pretending their social causes makeof difference than paying a fair wage would.Sigh.We are in the height of our own gilded age I hope we treat those benefiting financially from huge societal inequalities marked worse than the robber barons.Late stage capitalism is a bitch.

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    I think I d enjoy a third person biography of Consuelo Vanderbilt I get the sense that there s a lotto the story than she herself presents it Fun for fans of the gilded age, but for the most part not too exciting the frivolity of the London season is so tiring weekend hunting parties at Blenheim palace are ever so tiring for the hostess etc Then, in the last twenty pages,

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    I am totally conflicted about this book It is republished from the original in 1953 It is the autobiography of most of the life of a woman whose family is partial heirs to the Cornelius Vanderbilt fortune At age 17 Consuelo has an arranged marriage to the Duke of Marlborough in England It has been reprinted because of the success of the Downton Abbey series on PBS What I liked was

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    Interesting story written in a most uninteresting way Consuelo Vanderbilt had an amazing life raised with unlimited money by an evil, social climbing mother, married off when young to the Duke of Marlborough, living a life as duchess in a Downton Abbey style castle, traveling the world, later finally divorcing and going on to be a great philanthropist and women s rights activist But not a w

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    A privileged life, full and with interest.

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