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Krishna The content and the role play of Lord Krishna is very well versed But the graphics were on the whole average except for a few scenes like the supreme form of Krishna and Bhishma s killing But overall could have been better Otherwise an amazing piece This was an amazing, beautiful, approachable take on Indian mythology I have always been interested, but have found straight texts too complex with unfamiliar names places, so this was wonderful to look at and very informative. Evil Rakshasa Kalanemi Is Back On Earth, This Time Appearing As Kansa, The Tyrant King Of Mathura To Vanquish Him And His Horde Of Evil Monsters, Lord Vishnu Comes To Earth In His Eighth Avatar Krishna, The Defender Of Dharma Since His Birth, Krishna Valiantly Fights Evil Monsters, Showing Courage And Valour But As He Grows Up And Becomes A Councillor Of The Race Of Yadavas, He Observes That The Real Struggle In This Age Is Not With Magical Monsters But With Evil Kings And Warriors Accompany This Wise And Courageous Hero On His Journey On Earth As He Conquers Evil To Put Mankind Back On The Path Of Righteousness. Krishna is full of colour, sometimes vibrant and sometimes toned down the colours always compliment the mood In his godly moments Krishna s blues become brighter with glowing highlights For those unfamiliar with Indian mythology, an introduction is provided with each chapter In the first part, a great tyrant rules the land unjustly, and so Krishna is reborn to protect dharma Even as a child he defeats demons that are sent to assassinate him He is rash, but brave, and is protected by his divine right No matter how many strange events happen to him, the villagers always just accept and forget, remaining none the wiser to his true self In a world full of demons and gods, maybe this is commonplace, but their reaction is still too muted Krishna s brother Balarama is also quite special, and manages to defeat several demons as well After the tyrant is defeated, and the real king restored, Krishna rescues Rukmini, who he then takes as his wife The next few chapters are about the great war that is fought between the Pandavas and Kauravas Even though of the same family, the war must happen to restore order Krishna acts in the role of adviser, being a better ally to have than an entire army Finally, his time on earth comes to an end, through the will of This is so beautiful I love the art. Amazed by the beauty of the illustrations loved this book The artwork is stupendous, but there s something a little bit cheeky about taking a major epic like MAHABHARATA and turning it into a graphic novel That said, it gets the story of Lord Krishna s life across quite clearly He s an avatar of Vishnu come to mortal form to repress evil In the course of his life and teachings, there are some hard truths, none difficult that ones he imparts to Ar I read the Bhavagad Gita in college and learned about Krishna through his words, but this is the first I ve read the stories he s associated with It was interesting to note a few similarities between his birth and the birth of Christ.It was also wearying reading all the time about people having to fight for duty or honor all the time when you are a believer in peace I guess given what I remember about Krishna s words, I thought he was a bigger advoc The kings of Indian mythology are amar chitra katha ack We live in a country where we hear Krishna s story on a daily basis For kids and anyone who wants to get a quick gist of Krishna s life, this book does the job The art is wonderful for sure, and better than amar chitra katha But when it comes to content, this cannot surpass Ack does a far better job in bringing out short and very beautiful stories in Krishna s period, which are not typically his well known pastimes I particularly love Ack s stories on conversations between narada and krishna There is one statement in the narrative that is misplaced King yudhistira says that krishna does not get swayed by affection or attachment, but uses his wisdom In fact it s a little opposite Krishna only sways for affection and favors clearly those who are affectionate And such people are mostly righteous He has swayed toward This graphic novel about Krishna is really a highlight real of Krishna s life As such there are just the main scenes after another main scene because there s no time or chance to explore a story and if Shweta had tried that then this book would be 1500 pages long not 152 So story is the same one we have been seeing throughout being an Indian Hindu and the best part about it are the illustrations, though they also dip in some places but

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