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A Kiss Can Reveal A Lot Janaki Is Like Any Journalist Working The Political Circuit She Wants A Big Story Kiss & Tell

About the Author: Nistula Hebbar

Nistula Hebbar is assistant editor at the Economic Times in New Delhi and covers politics for a living She was born and educated in Delhi, and has been a journalist for the last eleven years She has covered everything from the state of the city s drains to the offices housing its high and mighty Addicted to pulp fiction, she firmly believes in its magical healing powers.

10 thoughts on “Kiss & Tell

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    average very boring in start and mid but ending is nice

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    Started reading in the morning and finished it by evening its an easy read Got to know about it from internet Seems to be quite entertaining with fast paced life of Delhi hidden from eyes showing wheels within wheels

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    A romantic novel from the perspective of a journalist Good pick for those who are fed up with the long list of dragging College romance novels available But the amount of politics government corruption added to it may m

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    A very entertaining read Basically populated with people like us though some, not so much in a familiar Delhi Nice insights into the life of a political journalist and how the wheels move within wheels in the Capital.Recom

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    Simply amazing That is exactly how a girl thinks

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