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Karlology Come on, let s be real you don t expect this to be a masterpiece, right If I were to recommend this book to someone, I d choose every person I see on the Facebook group dedicated to the Ricky Gervais Show In case you were unaware, the show has garnered a cult, and yes, I m par This is Karl s third book He s written as many books as he s read Well, he s done it again Another corking book filled with the drivel we ve all come to love to read on the can Some of the genius is missing as Ricky and Steves voices are absent and when the three are together the drivel reaches bold new heights of idiocy But Karl s lone voice speaking his theories uninterrupted without Ricky s voice saying Karl, Karl, Karl where did you get this from What do you mean the monkey drove to Spain make for a much stranger but still brilliant read In this book Karl goes for a MENSA test, goes to an exhibition of the human body featuring real life dead human bodies, and we get the confrontation we ve all been waiting for Karl meets his brain And of course, there s also some monkey news thrown in If you ve been following Karl through all the media over the years XFM, podcasts, audiobooks, I like reading Karl s thoughts and perspectives of different concepts It was a very funny book. Karl Pilkington is a fascinating human being After listening to every XFM show he produced with Ricky Gervais and Steven Merchant, I moved onto the globally popular podcasts they created shortly after they left XFM in 2005 After this, I scrounged up every interview, mini podcast, and video blog I could find in which Karl could be found Finally, I moved onto written media Karlology is that book.If you re a fan of the radio shows or podcasts, but haven t read this book, add it to your to do list There are plenty of never before mentioned extracts from Karl s little round head that are sure you make you laugh, or at least raise an eyebrow or two.Living a reserved, humble life in Manchester, Karl was told by his teachers that he d never amount to much look at him now, eh His ambitions are small he enjoys the little things in life, and has free time than any man should But we should be glad, because that s the reason we get magically naive statements such as Jesus didn t use up enough of the fish when he had the chance If he d given everyone around five fish, the sea level would have dropped This book is a compendium of tiny brain pickings from a man who sees the world in a beautifully pure way Of course, if you re already a Karl fan you know exactly why you love him, in which case you should alr Very funny and stupid in equal measures Karl s theories and thoughts on the world and his stories are brilliant From the state of his school and education, to his observation of his holiday rep trying to Karl never fails to make me laugh.This might be an outlandish thing to say, but could Karl be considered a genius Like Ricky Gervais once said, You re one of the cleverest blokes in some ways, that I know It s like you follow the sub plot, which is quite an interesting thing. Karl s perspective on any subject always differs greatly from anybody else s and whilst his responses are usually dismissed as nonsense, when returning to what was said in hindsight Karl s answer is, actually, quite true.To truly have a grasp of who Karl Pilkington is and what he s about, I strongly advise that you listen to some of the XFM radio shows from around 2002 2005 you can find categorised episodes on YouTube featuring Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant Not only are they absolutely hilarious but some of what is discussed is quite thought provoking in a sense and I enjoy listening to the shows in the background especially on a commute.For a book that made me chuckle a Karl Pilkington, the nation s favourite idiot, attempts to expand his knowledge and mostly comes up flummoxed.As funny as it is stupid, this provided welcome relief after some rage making reading mater Loved hearing the inner workings of Karl s mind and his unique and honest outlook on life very enjoyable book Le Petite Prince has grown up. Karl Pilkington S Third Book, Follow Up To Bestselling The World Of Karl Pilkington And Happyslapped By A Jellyfish, Is A Voyage Through Some Of The Most Curious Facts And Fictions About Our World Drawing On What Little He Learned During His Days Of Education, Karl Explores The World Of Knowledge Through A School Curriculum, With Chapters Devoted To Biology, History, Art, And English, Among Others, Each Topic Approached With Karl S Inimitable Combination Of Innocent Wonder And Down To Earth Wisdom Full Color Throughout, The Book Is Illustrated With Karl S Hand Drawn Cartoons And Comic Strips And It Features E Mail Contributions From A Host Of Celebrities And Experts Who Karl Has Quizzed To Further His Knowledge.

About the Author: Karl Pilkington

Karl Pilkington is a Sony Award winning English radio producer, poet, podcaster, raconteur and author, best known for producing and co presenting The Ricky Gervais Show on London radio station Xfm from 2001 to 2005 and later in the form of podcasts and a television show on HBO In October 2006, Pilkington s first book The World of Karl Pilkington was published, featuring original ideas and drawing

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