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Kaput and Zosky On One Planet The Natives Surrender To Kaput And Zosky Without A Fight Where S The Fun In That On Another, Kaput Finds That He S Won The Lottery And The Prize Is Invested By Well Meaning People Against His Will Until He Learns He Now Rules Their Planet He Doesn T Even Have To Shoot Anyone First Mayhem And Hilarity Abounds In These Thirteen Stories Told With Bright, Cartoony Art By Lewis Trondheim.

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    This could not beboy They are two Aliens who love to blast other aliens into submission Problem being they never seem to get it quite right These guys are funny and will leave a reluctant boy reader giggling for hours Not for a parent who d

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    This little graphic novel was so cute It s all about two aliens trying to take over multiple planets and the results I loved it

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    This hilarious graphic novel for middle school readers reminds me of all of the comic books that I read when I was growing up everything from Batman to Charlie and Veronica to every Classics Illustrated that I could lay my hands on Kaput Zosky, translated from

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    French cartoonist Lewis Trondheim is a force all on his own Having forced himself to learn to draw quickly and competently, his lines feature the comic purity unique to he himself.In Kaput Z sky, however, Trondheim is aided by Eric Carter in several of the stories The s

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    Kaput and Z sky are alien conquerors And they want to conquer the Earth, but they re too small So they leave Because the Earth denizens insects are way scary But they travel to other worlds in their tiny two seater spaceship and attempt to take them over instead, with hilarious c

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    This French import will delight readers with its absurdity while making them think about their own place in the universe The title characters are two hapless aliens bent on taking over a planet a feat they have not failed at due to lack of trying Each planet they attempt to invade satirize

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    I ve read several Trondheim books lately and enjoyed them all, but this one is definitely my least favorite of the bunch Dungeon and Tiny Tyrant are for young readers, but I was still able to appreciate the craft in them, laugh at many of the gags, and be surprised by some of the twists This book wa

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    Author Illustrator Lewis Trondheim with Eric Cartier Print Graphic Novel Age 3rd 6th.Kaput and Zosky go on a perilous journey trying to overthrow planets They have a crazy notion that they are in control, but they always seem to escape narrowly with their own lives, from the inhabitants of that planet This bo

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    Kaput and Zosky are two intergalactic travelers bent on conquering planets in this graphic book But they never seem to find any success The book is very short and the cartoon characters are interesting In the beginning, the concept was cute but after a few pages, it...

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    A graphic novel of short stories about two aliens who aspires to take over new worlds Unfortunately, they cannot figure out how to accomplish the task and find themselves in constant trouble Personally, I have found that this type of graphic novel is hard for me to...

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