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K.L. Saigal: The Definitive Biography Biography Of Kundan Lal Saigal Hindi Motion Picture Actor And Singer

10 thoughts on “K.L. Saigal: The Definitive Biography

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    Great to read about life and times of the legend It s also about reading history of Indian music in a manner.

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    a very good book i always liked to read books about film stars i fully enjoyed this book

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    Pran Neville is a great source of infornation on Lahore and pre Partition Punjab and India He s also a hand on heart fan of K.L Saigal But alas, like so many of these biographies of Indian film legends there is either 1 so little documentary info onthem or 2 the writer seems content to skim the surface of most resources In the end there is not a lot of information here that couln t

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    The book makes it amply clear that there doesn t exist many documents around Saigal An intensely private person, he left behind precious little by way of letters or, diaries As such, it builds the content around conversations with those who knew him friends and family At various points the book ends up feeling like a Wiki page with hyperlinks to various characters who tell the same story

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    Masterly gives this legend his well earned due

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