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Just the Way You Are I admit I was drawn to Just the Way You Are because of it s cover I mean, look at it Its adorable, screaming contemporary and young and fun And that is the reason I picked it up when I got the opportunity to read and review Just the Way You Are While the book may not be brilliant it does carry a simple and sweet message to just be yourself.Just the Way You Are is the story of Sameer It starts off with Sameer on his wedding day After years of searching, Sameer has finally found the love of his life Shagun and is marrying her But unfortunately he has to leave right the next day away from her for a job opportunity he cannot miss Then begins the real story where Shagun stumbles upon his diary and starts reading it.I really liked how we got to know first hand how Sameer s mind worked because of the diary He was a hard working guy who did get influenced but always had the right intentions at heart Like any and everyone of us Sameer is also searching for love and the disappointment he faces in his love life was shown really well.We also do get to see how Sameer finally meets Shagun unexpectedly and falls in love with her But I would have liked it if that part was expanded I also wanted a bit of what was happening in the present with Sameer and Shagun But we definitely get to see immense growth in Sameer s character since the beginning to the end of the book.Sanjeev Love Happens When You Least Expect It Sameer Is A Steve Jobs Fan, A Consultant At An Investment Bank, And A Confused Soul Looking For Love As He Moves Cities To Study And Work, He Falls In And Out Of Love,but Fails To Find The One Person Who Belongs With Him In Comes Shagun, Whom He Marries But He Leaves The Very Next Day For Switzerland To Start A Dream Job In The Meantime, Shagun Starts Reading His Diary What Does She Find In There Will This Spell The End Of Their Marriage With Sameer Not Around To Defend Himself,what Is The Future Of Their Relationship Just The Way You Are Is A Humorous, Heart Warming Story About One Man S Quest For True Love. The scenes between Sameer and Shagun are written beautifully Narration is smooth and creates nice imagery But sadly, lack of interesting incidents and what comes next factor make the story plain.Overall, for me it w Story line sucks , a poor book. Just The Way You Are Nonstop Humour Satire BookLysis 4.25 5 Cover Book cover of Just The Way You Are is really catchy The cover itself gives a hint of a romance genre A young couple s image is captured on the book cover Sky blue and the pink color combination looks really charming Couple s stuff like footwears, a ball, and a guitar can be seen beside girl s right side Vegetarian food like slices of watermelon, arranged in a neat order and cold drink beer bottle inside the basket can be noticed beside boy s left side Green background of the cover resembles green grass in a lawn How can I forget a smartphone and an earphone So, this is not a sketch but a perfectly captured photograph by the big firm in photography Images Bazaar Yes Yes Same Images Bazaar which is founded by the popular motivator Sandeep Maheshwari Just The Way You Are is a romantic title I would give 5 stars to Images bazaar for the cover image and Tara Upadhyay for the cover design.Themes The novel Just The Way You Are is a romantic fiction based on love, humor, and satire.Setting The story of Just The Way You Are runs through different locations Though Sameer s main protagonist love story belongs to Delhi, the main story is set up in different locations of Delhi and Noida The story also runs through Bhopal, Agra, Gurgao The cover of the book is very appealing the image perfectly defines the title and blurb Sanjeev s hard work to present such a lovely story is completely visible The idea of including humor at various sections of the story is what makes it my recommendable to all the novel lovers He has beautifully described all the characters o While every single reader has raved about the really cute cover of author Sanjeev Ranjan s Just the Way You Are, I am not the biggest fan of sunshine and romance books, so cute as it may be, the cover barely mattered to me I read the book as part of the read along that we hosted I will admit that there was nothing extraordinary about the book, but it was a very quick read, which always stands as a positive for me The story was simple and sweet, which made it very easy to follow and understand Albeit lacking major character development that I was hoping for, the protagonist Sameer was portrayed as a de This is the third book written by the author and with each book his writing is getting way far better.The author has written this so well.I just adored the cover page of the book , its so romantic and beautiful.Sanjeev Sir has done the best job writing it in a reader friendly language, understanding exactly what they want.The story revolves around the protagonist Sameer who never found his true love.Devoid of love, Sameer leads a boring life.Soon Shagun enters into his life as a spark, After meeting Shagun , Sammer thinks now he got everything in his life,what he was searching for.But next day after marriage he leaves her Wife go to Switzerland.Meanwhile , Shagun finds a secret diary written by Sameer , as she reads the diary ,she finds hidden secrets that turns her life upside down Still she trust her love and dont want to loose Sameer.Th If there is anything I really liked in the book then it has to be the narrative the author has managed to bring out the confusions of a youth very well The varied thoughts on marriage, career, love, relationships, parents Sanjeev Ranjan has to his credit two bestselling novels In course of True Love 2012 and It s No Longer a Dream 2014 but unfortunately for me I never had the pleasure of reading them Thus for me, not so technically though, Sanjeev Ranjan is..Read the full review here

About the Author: Sanjeev Ranjan

Sanjeev Ranjan is the bestselling author of In Course of True Love 2012 and It s No Longer A Dream 2014 An ardent lover of western classic and instrumental music, he enjoys reading He has a keen interest in understanding human behavior and relationships Just The Way You Are is his third novel published by Random House India Currently he resides in New Delhi.

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