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Judas Pig Billy Abrahams Is A Career Criminal Who Makes A Very Good Living From Violence, Armed Robbery, Sex Shops, And Theft From Other Criminals But He Becomes Increasingly Haunted By Childhood Ghosts And By The Ever Growing Influence Of Danny, His Psychopathic Partner In Crime Billy Finds Himself Starting To Look Beyond The Violence And The Scams, Slowly Descending Into A Drug Fuelled Netherworld That Affects His Judgment And His Perceptions He Is Finally Tipped Over The Edge When Danny Commits An Act Even Billy Cannot Stomach And That S When Things Really Start To Go Wrong This Explosive First Novel From A Reformed Career Criminal Comes With Authenticity Stamped Throughout.

About the Author: Horace Silver

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Judas Pig book, this is one of the most wanted Horace Silver author readers around the world.

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    Even in a country as small as Belgium where I live there s organized crime going on Sure, the perpetrators differ from country to country in Belgium for instance there isn t really a lot of indigenous organized crime going on, while its neighboring country the N

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    This is a tough and uncompromising glimpse into the life of organised crime and violence on London s streets Horace Silver is the pseudonym of a former armed robber who was, along with his associates, described by Scotland Yard as worse than the Krays His protagonist a

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    Horace Silver s real name is Jimmy Holmes It surfaced in a recent court case when millionaire Davey Hunt, East London businessman, and scrap metal dealer with little visible source of wealth sued The Times for referring to him as a crime warlord He lost and the case once ill

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    Brilliant This is not one of your celebrity gangster bullshit books Judas Pig tells it like it is Even better for me as the book contains people I know personally and places I am familiar with To understand many of the terms and phrases...

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    WowIncredible rollercoaster, written with brutal and flowing style think edward bunker no beast so fierce Apparently a thinly veiled biography of contemporary London villains

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    Hard core Couldn t stop reading gangsters without the glamour Well worth a read Richard and Judy said ban it, which puts it up in my estimation

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    This wasn t a bad book at all far from it It was a compelling read, and was very funny a lot of the time I was a bit off put by some of the continuity issues though Protagonist claims to be 28, but talks about giving bl...

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    This is a fictionalised memoir of a top london gangster who is now out of the game, and country It s one of the most powerful books I ve read it doesn t romanticise it s authentic I found it uncomfortable to read but I couldn t put it down due to the gripping...

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    The most authentic book on British crime you can find despite being mostly fictional some events and people are real The language and atmosphere are first class After Papillion this is the most read book in British prisons despite a very limited print run Very excited about the next book Horace.

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    A Cracking ReadI know that it s an old cliques but I couldn t put it down It was a really good read from start to finish You could feel the violence and hatred throughout the book flowing through the members of the gang.

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