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John von Neumann and the Origins of Modern Computing (History of Computing) John Von Neumann, In His 54 Years Of Life, Transformed The Face And Character Of Many Pure Applied Mathematical Subject Areas And In Particular He Participated Seminally In The Creation Of The Computer Age The Author Director Of The Center For The History Of Electrical Engineering At IEEE Has D John von Neumann 1903 1957 was a scientist of the caliber of Albert Einstein, though far less famous He did pioneering work in the mathematical foundations of quantum mechanics, set theory, game theory and much It was von Neumann who came up with the idea of using shock waves from shaped charges to compress plutonium to a critical mass, which proved to work near Alamogordo and over Nagasaki Manhattan Project spurred von Neumann s interest in computing Computations for atomic bombs were done by a team of about twenty mostly female employees using mechanical calculators, and by IBM electromechanical punched card equipment There was demand for computing power for such problems as solving the partial differential equations describing shock implosion In 1944 IBM produced an electronic calculator known as the Harvard Mark I, which von Neumann told the Los Alamos scientists about calculations were done in parallel on it and on punched card equipment, but the latter won for a time In early 1945 von Neumann was involved in the design of EDVAC, an early electronic computer that stored both its instructions and its data in the main memory, and wrote a report on it This design is now called the von Neumann architecture, while the design where the instructions and the data are stored in separate units, as they were in the Harvard Mark I, is called the Harvard architecture 67 years later, all modern gener A very scholarly work, rather interesting in parts, though it can pall a bit Nevertheless a good way to learn about a whole variety of topics, and how this enigmatic chap muscled his way into them.

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