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Irrawaddy Tango A Novel Of Love, Vengeance And Political Unrest In South East AsiaIrrawaddy Tango, A Pepper Tongued, Tango Dancing Asian Beauty Rises From A Village Girlhood To Become The Wife Of Her Country S Dictator And Then A Leader Of The Rebel Forces Arrayed Against Him Tango Captures The Attention Of An Ambitious Colonel The Self Proclaimed Supremo While Dancing At A Talent Contest Once Married, She Is Forced To Endure The Cruelties Of A Ruthless And Foolish Husband, Is Kidnapped By Rebel Forces, Recaptured And Brutally Punished By Her Husband S Military Clique, And Eventually Exiled To America Her Return To The Fictional Republic Of Daya Clearly Burma Brings About The Destruction Of Her Husband And His Dictatorship Irrawaddy Tango Tells The Unsettling Tale Of Powerful Men And Powerless Women It Evokes As Well The Harshness Of Exile, Revealing The Misunderstandings Between East And West And By Doing So Captures The Intensity Of Living Between The Two

About the Author: Wendy Law-Yone

Wendy Law Yone born 1947 is a critically acclaimed Burmese American author of novels and short stories The daughter of notable Burmese newspaper publisher, editor and politician Edward Michael Law Yone, Law Yone was born in Mandalay but grew up in Rangoon Law Yone has indicated that her father s imprisonment under the military regime limited her options in the country She was barred from university, but not allowed to leave the country In 1967, an attempt to escape to Thailand failed and she was imprisoned, but managed to leave Burma as a stateless person She relocated to the United States in 1973, settling in Washington D.C after attending college in Florida In 1987, she was the recipient of a National Endowment for the Arts Literature Award for Creative Writing 8 In 2002, she received a David T.K Wong Creative Writing Fellowship from the University of East Anglia.Her novels, The Coffin Tree 1983 and Irrawaddy Tango 1993 , were critically well received, with the latter nominated in 1995 for the Irish Times Literary Prize Her third novel, The Road to Wanting, 2010 is set in Burma, China and Thailand and was long listed for the Orange Prize 2011.

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    A bit rambling and disconnected in the last third, but not a bad read.

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    My first reaction to this book was to shake my head over the positive reviews on the cover Then, looking back, after readingandabout Burma, I decided this novel is probably based on a lot of what really went on during the junta The author is certainly one who is in a position to know If you decide to read this book, do check out her others including a memoir She is a talented Burmese author

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    It s really hard to say what I think of this book because in some instances there wereoccurrences of Tell rather than show but in some cases the towel is just right I didn t quite understand for the end of the book the rabbit trail she took talking about torture There were some places that I understood in terms of history although this book takes place in the very fictional setting I think if I had to sit down and read this book rather th

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