Free ↠ Jewel of Tharn (Richard Blade, #3) By Jeffrey Lord –

Jewel of Tharn (Richard Blade, #3) Savage Womenthe Trumpet Blasted And The Women Stormed Into The Arena Like A Tidal Wave Teeth Glinted White And Feral In Contorted Faces Breasts Of Every Size And Type Bobbled And Jounced As Female Struggled Against Female To Claim Her Quarry.It Was One Vast Mass Of Flesh, Naked And Unshielded, Muscles Tensed, Faces Contorted Some Of The Women Cried, Some Howled Like Lost Demons, Some Laughed Wildly, Working Away In Deadly, Writhing Silence All Of Them Placed The Men In The Subordinate Position And Mounted Them Brutally, Cuffing And Kicking Their Victims Into Total Submission.All Of The Men Were Down And Conquered But This Was Only The Start The Sacrificial Fire Was Lit And Sutha Proclaimed Let The Sacred Slaying Begin It Was Nearly Time For Blade To Make His Move

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