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Initiation (Xylon Warriors, #I) 3.5 I enjoyed the premise of the story While the motivations of the hero are outlined well, the emotional investiture of the heroine is less believable By the end, Kerce wraps up both protagonists feelings and it is satisfying, but at times I had difficulty crediting some of her actions.The sexual interactions are varied and have elements of D s References to violence and non consensual activities are confi Book 1 In The Xylon Warriors SeriesWarrior Braden Koll Is On A Mission To Retrieve DNA Compatible Women For Breeding On The Planet Of Xylon His Current Assignment Is To Locate An Earth Woman Alexa Sandor Found To Be A Match, And Sexually Initiate Her Into The Lair Of Xylon.The Lesser Problem Is She Doesn T Know Anything About The Lair, Him, Or That She Is A Xylon By Birth The Greater Problem Is That, After Meeting Alexa, Braden Wants This Woman For Himself, Even Though The Warrior Council Decreed She Must Mate Another.Alexa Sandor Is Experiencing Nightmares About A Strange Planet And A Responsibility She Doesn T Understand Now A Man, Supposedly From That Planet, Has Come To Initiate Her Into Their Society The Sexual Ceremony, He Explains, Is To Prepare Her For Breeding, So She Can Help Produce Children To Save Xylon From Domination By The Egesa A Half Creature, Half Humanoid Race Of Slave Masters.Despite Her Initial Disbelief, This Powerful, Sexy Man Captures Her Heart With His Strength And Tenderness He Shows Her Things About Herself And Her Body That She Never Thought Possible Ultimately, She Believes His Story, Wants To Help, And Stay By His Side Forever But She Needs To Find The Strength To Leave Earth And Travel To An Unknown Planet If She Can T, She Will Have To Turn Away From The Only Man She S Ever Loved And Her Decision Will Not Only Affect The Future Of Xylon, But Earth As Well. Main Characters Alexa Human about to become mated to a Xylon warriorBraden Xylon warrior appointed to indoctrinate Alexa into their cultureSynopsis Xylon is at war with the Egesa, in addition to having internal power struggles Alexa has been matched to a Xylon warrior for breeding purposes She is human and is unaware not only of life on other planets so she needs to be quickly educated on what it means to be a Xylon mate and she needs to be initiated into their society so she can breed with that species Braden is a warrior who is slated to provide the initiation for Alexa but he is not supposed to mate with her Of course, he recognizes that she is his mate and is willing to defy the Council to keep her.My Thoughts This book has an interesting plot, the writing is good and generally I liked the characters main and minor Braden is a strong and interesting hero Alexa as the heroine accepts her situation and is willing to fight to have a carve out a life she can be happy with in her new circumstances.My biggest issue is that there were a couple times that the characters responsible for protecting the MC s during the initiation behaved like Keystone Cops than trained warriors I am confident that was not the intent of the author I think the author was trying to build the scenes so that the attacks could occur but I felt the complacency of the warriors and the lack of attentiveness to their surroundings was overdone, especially after they found and stopped a couple intruder Yikes I just finished Xylon Warriors I Initiation and am now breathless to go on to Xylon Warriors His Carnal Need This is a fast moving science fiction whirlwind of an erotic story by Ruth D Kerce.Alexa isn t sure what s going on, but now she s apparently expected to be initiated by three men yikes after having narrowly escaped a bastardized initiation by three lizard looking creatures All she wanted was to find her recently deceased mother s diary and figure out why so much of her life was so strange Now, if these warrior There is an interesting premise and the characters are all interesting but a little 2D in many places This is supposed to be erotica, as the whole premise is to sexually initiate this 1 2 breed human into the Xylon world My biggest issue was the incompetence of the warriors to protect this invaluable female After the first attack, I would think they would rethink the situation It seemed like the Daegas was able to infiltrate and spy on these warriors without any problem and the warriors were incompetent So after the 4th infiltration, it just became ridiculous By then I got the idea that if the bad guys had wanted to, they could have killed them all without any problem because the warriors were so outclasses I could only think that they were letting the situation go on.The next big problem was that this is supposed to be an erotic novel but it seems like it is trying to be a lot We keep on switching back from the initiation ceremony to the infiltration, and battles going on right in the house, over and over either tell the story or go to the sex, don t go back and forth each time the couple changes position It takes away from the erotic and turns it into trying to be a scifi This is not high scifi, it is simplistic and just barely th 284p Warrior Braden Koll is on a mission to retrieve DNA compatible women for breeding on the planet of Xylon His current assignment is to locate an Earth woman 14Alexa Sandor 14found to be a match, and sexually initiate her into The Lair of Xylon.The lesser problem is she doesn t know anything about The Lair, him, or that she is a Xylon by birth The greater problem is that, after meeting Alexa, Braden wants this woman for himself, even though the Warrior Council decreed she must mate another.Alexa Sandor is experiencing nightmares about a strange planet and a responsibility she doesn t understand Now a man, supposedly from that planet, has come to initiate her into their society The sexual ceremony, he explains, is to prepare her for breeding, so she can help produce children to save Xylon fro This book read like a B Sci Fi movie, not saying it didn t have its merits.The Xylon s and the Egesa lizard like humanoids, reminded me of the Gorn from Start Trek are at war The Xylons have discovered that Alexa is half Xylon and a superbreeder The Xylon culture is highly sexual and are dying out so they are trying to find breeder to increase their numbers How a society manages to be highly sexual but not producing any I am glad I didn t have to pay for this book Initiation Book 1 in the Xylon Warrior series could have been written much better It certainly had potential, if you are a fan of erotic paranormal fantasy romance I love this genre The problem I had was the Xylon Warriors kept getting their butts kicked by their enemies the Egesa, a half human half lizard race They want to sterilize women who can breed with the Xylon warriors, this is their way of controlling and killing off the Xylon race Initiation features Braden and Alexa The Initiation is a 3 part sexual act that prepares the female to breed and produce Xylon children Before and during Alexa s Initiation they are attacked and eventually captured by the Egesa The story became frustrating with how offend they were defended and got their butts kicked Quite an interesting story and setting I was really surprised by the fast pace, the slow character unveiling and overall development I liked how it turned out and was glad to be able to read it I lucked out and got a freebie of the book The story kept me on edge and due to the fast changing developments and sometimes even jumps b So, my husband and I went out yesterday to a second hand book store He choose this book for me I have to admit when I first read the back cover it made me giggle Xylon sounds like a bad Sci Fi movie However, this book turned out to be a good read The story was captivating and I found myself reading through the night until my eyes wouldn t stay open There was a budding relationship, action and adventure, and intrigue Although the book is sexy, not sure I would categorize it a

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Ruth started writing stories at age 8 At age 10, one of her stories won 1st in class a romance, of course Later, she spent years in a science fiction romance writers group, where she really fell in love with writing.She is a member of Romance Writers of America and is a From the Heart chapter founding member Her 1st book came out in 2001 Wild Temptation, a western historical followed by t

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