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Infected Unique Storylines Over Possible Endings Just One Question Will YOU Survive The Zombie Apocalypse Everyone Has Their Plan What They D Do To Survive If And When The Zombie Apocalypse Happens Now You Can See How You D Hold Up Against The Legions Of Undead Without Needing To Call The CDC Because Crazed Bath Salts Users Are Trying To Eat Your Face OffHere S How It Works You, Dear Reader, Are The Main Character Of This Story Live, Die, And Rise Again Based Solely On The Merit Of Your Own Choices The Boards Are In Place, So That Should Buy You Some Time, But They Won T Hold Forever Fend Them Off One By One With My Louisville Slugger I Don T Care If I Have To Battle The Whole Town Go To Page I Ll Grab What I Can And Head Up To The Attic Spiders And Rats Over Zombies Any Day Go To Page Down Into The Basement I Ve Already Got Some Stuff Down There, And It Works In The Movies Go To Page Infected Is So Good A Girl Just Like You Holy % This Is Awesome A Guy Or Less Like YouLike The Gamebooks Popular In The S S Choose Your Own Adventure, Give Yourself Goosebumps, Etc , This Is A Series Where You Choose How To Progress Through The Book Unlike Any Others, This Is The First Series Designed Specifically For AdultsGet INFECTED

About the Author: James Schannep

One February day, when Hephaestus was hitting on The Muses, they began a playful argument Is it possible for a mortal man to be too creative What would happen to his primitive brain if it were to suddenly overflow with ideas Zeus, never one to leave an argument to the fate of mere words, sent a lightning bolt to earth where it struck upon a hapless young man your author, James Schannep.Thus Click Your Poison books were created as a repository to store the overabundant brain fruit Each of Schannep s books split into three unique storylines and contain over 50 possible endings But the fate of each book nay, of mankind, rests with YOU, dear reader For it is your choices that will shape the story in these books So dive in and find out Will You Survive the Zombie Apocalypse INFECTED Could You Solve a Murder MURDERED What if You Had Superpowers SUPERPOWERED

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    As the author, I m admittedly biased Of course I think my book deserves 5 stars But here s why you should too. This is YOUR story INFECTED is an interactive experience where you see how well you d fare against the undead 3 unique storylines, 50 possible endings Just one questionwill YOU survive the zombie apocalypse As the author of the Click Your Poison ser

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    The first choose your own adventure for adults that I ve ever heard of It was a super fun read and it made it all the better that it had quality writing None of the choices were kitschy and the zombie theme totally worked It was a great time, I d recommend it to anyone It has a fun social aspect too because you can compare ways you died with your friends I know some p

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    It s so simple, it s brilliant A Choose Your Own Adventure style read, but for adults Set it within an unfolding zombie apocalypse, include some tricky decisions, and let the fun begin.Such is the sum total of James Schannep s Infected There are no surprises to be found here What you suspect is what you get A second person narrative in which you dictate what happens to the mai

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    An interesting concept An adult choose your own adventure story With Zombies Unfortunately it was both a little bland an a little annoying It s annoying reading paragraphs wherein I am told what I am doing Or at least you the reader Distracted by her naked breasts, a zombie eats you Not something that actually occurred no it was overcome by how good strawberries taste you eat a ton Red

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    INFECTED Click Your Poison is a wild and witty ride wherein you get to choose exactly how to survive a zombie attack OR NOT Most books you can figure out where they re going before you get to the end, but with this inventive work, one not only doesn t know how it ends, but it rarely ends the same way twice depending on the choices you make to survive this is a book you want to read again and ag

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    Dr Lewis Deleon and Dr Richard Phoenix have invented the Gilgazyme inhaler It promises to keep your youth So you have a choice to make inhale Gilgazyme or take your chances Beware as whichever choice you make could be your last one Infected Click Your Poison by James Schannep brings back fond memories for me I can remember sitting in the library floor in front of the choose your own adventure section ju

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    This was a fun book to read because it was a different experience every time YOU were the main character and you got to choose your own destiny I died, became infected, died againand again You see the pattern, lol Although my luck wasn t that great, it was definitely an enjoyable ride.

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    Hilarious What a fun, and completely different diversion I think e books are perfect for this sort of adventure, and I hope Mr Schannep creates .

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    Since it is impossible to say that you ve read every single page, I m just going to go with the fact that I ve read enough of it to have had a little fun, but also grasp the entirety of what was trying to be accomplished These kind of books were so much fun when I was a kid and, now, there is an adult, zombie, violent, crazy, and every other adjective to describe this book It was so much fun to go through a bunch of different sto

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    Have you ever found yourself trapped in a zombie apocalypse Well now you can Written in the style of a choose your own adventure story like the ones you read as a kid, INFECTED allows you to click through your choices to determine your own path through the world of horror Don t give it to your kids, though With a first person perspective, you can choose to run or to fight, to help a doctor racing to find a cure, to join a feisty teen on t

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