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Indian Railways Welcome To Indian Railway Passenger Reservation Experience Our Service India Has Some Of The Most Spectacular And Unforgettable Rail Journeys In The World Here You Experience A Simple Way To Find Out Everything You Need To Know In One Easy Place Indian Railway Environmental Sustainability Annual Report For Railway Tenders,Please Visit International Conference On Green Initiatives Railway ElectrificationIndian Railways Wikipdia Indian Railways Ou IR Hindi Bh Ratiya Rail , Chemins De Fer Indiens Est L Entreprise Publique Qui Exploite Le Rseau Ferroviaire D Inde IRCTC Next Generation ETicketing System Please Enable JavaScript To Continue Using This Application IRCTC Next Generation ETicketing System Please Enable JavaScript To Continue Using This Application Indian Railways WikipediaIndian Railways Reservation Enquiry, PNR Status, Indian Railways Reservation Enquiry, PNR Status, Live Running Status, Search Trains, Availability, Running History Statistics, Confirmation Prediction, Train Schedule Bibek Roy s work looks at the structural foundations of the Indian Railways till 1947, delving into its origins as corporations with a mandate to provide value to its distant shareholders some of them survived till 2016 The book tries to connect the present practice of cross subsidising passenger with freight to early deficits in planning and other priorities of the colonial regime Karl Marx s famou This book on the Indian Railways is writtten in a very scholary and academic style and that makes it difficult to trudge through However the content of the book is quite rich with focus upon the history of the institution and the institution building process It tells us how the early debates on the viability of the Railways took place, what were the difficulties in the Govt guarantee system, how complex the ownership and management of Railways was back then, how the several companies merged with each other, how the Railway Board came in 1905, etc The book also touches upon the heritage mountain railways, the rail thugs, Gandhi s views on railways, the Railway Police, etc but the interesting aspects are given too few pages Overall a good read but not an engaging one Still worth When did Karl Marx write this piece He wrote it on 22 July 1853, though it was first published on 8 August 1853 1853 is important because that s the official date 16 April, to be precise for the start of the railways in India, and Marx must have known about this Thus, in the centennial year in 1953, a postage stamp was issued to celebrate the occasion After a long and pointless prophetic for Debroy quote, this is how the book opens Perfect research bookI recommend this book to all serious researchers of Indian railway, but I think the details are little too much for reader like me..who just want to learn about the historical facts of IR The book goes deep into the economics which got sometime too tiresome to understand. An intricate and detailed account of building railways in India includes a ton of information on the hundreds of private British companies that built the railway, which later came under the management of the government of British India Lo A good read about history of Indian Railways Looking at how vast reference texts mostly relevant ones have been produced as is in the pages, one gets an impression that this book has been hurriedly put together by the authors and editors. Good insights about the history of Indian railways Interested in History Trains, then this book is a must read Boring Very disappointing It is a classic case of a recipe gone wrong despite all good ingredients Authors did good research, added ancedotes and long quotes from other works and speeches and yet fail to write an interesting book Book has a lot of facts but nothing. Written in a language that is difficult to understand, especially for laymen Only some parts of the book were interesting Please dont buy the book, borrow it from a local library.

About the Author: Bibek Debroy

Bibek Debroy is an Indian writer and economist.

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