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If It’s Monday It Must Be Madurai A Delightful Travel Book This Entertaining Travelogue Around Ten Conducted Tours Contains Myriad Riches Of Hanging On To A Camel In The Thar Rediscovering Music On The Trail Of Kabir Joining An Ancient Pilgrimage And Hunting For Sex In Tashkent.

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    Full on entertainiment A travelogue on ten conducted tours with different Indian groups 1 Tamil temples package2 Europe famous spots3 Deserts of Rajasthan4 Kerala backwaters5 Sex starved tourists for Uzbekistan6 Slum tourism of Mumbai7 Journeys with Meaning tour of North East8 Musical trail of Kabir through MP Rajasthan...

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    Travel writing as a genre had never really interested me I am fairly certain that the numerous English Comprehension tests I wrote in school that featured extraordinarily tiresome pieces on places around the world are to blame After I passed out, I d read very little travel writing and whatever I d read, I found to be too introspective and unnecessar

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    I m guilty of initially judging this book as just a quick summary of touristy group tours the author had gone on and was trying to make a quick buck with a book in the currently in subject of travel As the 10 chapters show, the canvas iscolourful, the subjects evenvaried, and I m delighted to be proved wrong.1 The Grace of God is a temple hopping tour acr

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    Travel books are often a compendium of clich s If the when to go how to reach concerns are ever transcended, it is the majestic beauty of the mountains or the vastness of the ocean that is tritely commented upon, apparently granting solace to the writer who is trying to escape the hustle bustle of a megalopolis As if confronting the picturesque to escape the h

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    My travel book binge this year continues with Srinath Perur s first, a collection of travelogues about traveling in groups, and I must say that I didn t come to it with any great expectations And the first piece in the book sort of confirmed that for me I found the writing very ordinary, the observations obvious, and didn t feel the need to read .But I persisted, a

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    Ten chapters of ten conducted tours that the author went on At least eight of those were an enjoyable read and a few in those were thought provoking too Off late, I ve developed a liking towards travelogues by younger authors Samanth Subramaniam, Haroon Khalid and now Srinath P...

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    As advertised in the jacket, this is, indeed, a delightful travelogue It s about conducted tours that is, a group package tour where people reserve their spots, and are shepherded around from place to place by a guide So you re with random people, and all your arrangements are taken care of, and you usually end up saving a lot on food, accommodation and tickets to places I v

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    This book took my armchair travelling to new heights Ten different places in its ten chapters I could not have asked forThe writer starts off on the usual temple tour of Tamil Nadu with a group of retired Government servants, then rides camels across Jaisalmer with people his own age and then undertakes the customary Kerala trip, sharing a houseboat ride with foreigners and takin

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    This was such a fantastic read I was drawn to the title because I am from Madurai The book was super well written I liked that the author was not being a snob, especially in Europe, when he writes about things that bind them all together and makes observations about people that are funny, but really does not come across as an elitist rant It could have been very easy to slip into a mo

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    I picked this book up on a whim but it was really interesting the author, a young writer from Bangalore, accompanies various tour groups within India and in Europe Unlike most travel writing, he s focused primarily ...

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