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Ideas of Order Wallace Stevens Did Not Publish His First Book Of Poetry Until The Age Of And Did Not Issue His Second Book, Ideas Of Order, For Over A Decade This Rare Signed Limited Edition Of That Crucial Work Features His Illuminating Meditation On Art The Idea Of Order At Key West Along With Additional Poems, Each The Sublime Expression Of A Body Of Work Praised By Critics As Drenched With The Life Of His Senses This Vibrant Fact Forms The Core Of His Exploration Of The Interplay Between The Mind And Reality What Gives His Best Work Its Astonishing Power And Vitality Is The Way In Which A Fixed Point Of View, Maturing Naturally, Eventually Takes In Than A Constantly Shifting Point Of View Could Get At New York Times Awarded The Pulitzer Prize For Poetry, No Poet Gives Us To Think About Or Greater Reward For Thinking Chiasson, New York Review Of Books

About the Author: Wallace Stevens

Wallace Stevens is a rare example of a poet whose main output came at a fairly advanced age His first major publication four poems from a sequence entitled Phases in the November 1914 edition of Poetry Magazine was written at the age of thirty five, although as an undergraduate at Harvard, Stevens had written poetry and exchanged sonnets with George Santayana, with whom he was close through much of his life Many of his canonical works were written well after he turned fifty According to the literary critic Harold Bloom, who called Stevens the best and most representative American poet of the time, no Western writer since Sophocles has had such a late flowering of artistic genius.Stevens attended Harvard as a non degree special student, after which he moved to New York City and briefly worked as a journalist He then attended New York Law School, graduating in 1903 On a trip back to Reading in 1904 Stevens met Elsie Viola Kachel after a long courtship, he married her in 1909 In 1913, the young couple rented a New York City apartment from sculptor Adolph A Weinman, who made a bust of Elsie A daughter, Holly, was born in 1924 She later edited her father s letters and a collection of his poems.After working for several New York law firms from 1904 to 1907, he was hired on January 13, 1908 as a lawyer for the American Bonding Company By 1914 he had become the vice president of the New York Office of the Equitable Surety Company of St Louis, Missouri When this job was abolished as a result of mergers in 1916, he joined the home office of Hartford Accident and Indemnity Company and left New York City to live in Hartford, where he would remain for the rest of his life.

10 thoughts on “Ideas of Order

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    Stevens evokes the imagination as a source of forms and orders for an unalterably prosaic reality.

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    Wallace Stevens is one of the best poets, not only of the twentieth century, but ever when he s not being witty, which makes me think of the worst dad jokes dad can devise and when he s not droning on about how the poet is so

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    Stevens second collection of poetry contains 36 poems Highlights farewell to florida Ghosts as Cocoons Sad Strains of a Gay Waltz Waving Adieu, Adieu, Adieu The Idea of Order at Key West Evening Without Angels Re Statement of Romance

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    This collection left me speechless Favorite poems include Waving Adieu, Adieu, Adieu, Mozart, 1935, Botanist on Alp No 1 , Evening Without Angels, Academic Discourse at Havana, and Re Statement of Romance Read in one sitting Could not put do

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    Mixed thoughts about this one.I m new to the poetry of Wallace Stevens I wanted to check him out because I heard that he was an early influence on Robert Creeley There are some great poems in here, some poems that have a few excellent lines or stanz

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    Ideas of Order is Wallace Stevens second book of poetry It contains his famous poem The Idea of Order at Key West As with his first book, and probably in all his books, the use of words is to be appreciated rather than finding a particular meaning or insigh

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    4 and a half stars

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    LA IDEA DE ORDEN EN CAYO HUESO As nosotros,al contemplar las zancadas que daba all ella sola,sab amos que nunca hubo un mundo para ella,excepto el que cantaba y, al cantar, hac a Oh, dichosa man a por el orden, p lido Ram n,man a del art fice por ordenar palabras de la mar

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    Hay pocas en las que resulta m s necesario que nunca leer poes a Stevens consigue ya desde el t tulo obrar el milagro de mitigar el caos reinate y hacer m s llevadera la realidad Excelente libro en una excelente traducci n al castellano de Daniel Aguirre.

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